Tuesday 7 December 2021

Review of Brent Council's Flood Risk Management Strategy to commence in January 2022

 I received this response from Cllr Krupa Sheth  (Lead Member for Environment) today to my supplementary question asked at Full Council on November 22nd 2021 about  Brent Council overdue review of its Flood Management Strategy.

Response from Councillor Krupa Sheth to supplementary public question from Martin Francis asked at the Full Council meeting on 22 November 2021.


1.         My question on a review has not been directly answered, fortunately a council officer told Scrutiny on November 10th that a review of the 2015 Flood Risk Management Strategy is required and context should include real focus around climate change (for example the forecast 59% increase in winter rainfall) as well as the necessary local mitigation.


Response:  A review of the Flood Risk Management Strategy is now due and we informed the Scrutiny Committee it will be completed over the next 12 months. The review will include a focus on climate change.


2.         Can you give us the timetable for the review and the partnership members who will be involved?


Response: We are currently in discussion with consultants to scope the review and the timetable with an intention to commence the review early in the New Year.  We’d envisage a 9 month exercise from January. The Environment Agency will be consulted along with Thames Water to access modelling already undertaken on some of our open spaces such as Woodcock Park. Other main stakeholders are listed below:

·            Transport for London

·            Residents and Businesses

·            The Greater London Authority

·            Canal & River Trust

·            Network Rail

·            Neighbouring London Boroughs


3.         Will, as the West London Flood Risk Management Strategic Partnership has recommended, the accumulative impact of developments on flooding and drainage infrastructure systems, be assessed?


Response: Yes


David Walton said...

Great work getting a full review of Brent's 2015 Flood Risk Strategy, which should anyway be a 'live document' at all times in law (Flood and Water Management Act 2010). So, I don't think we need a years wait for Brent to start changing its reckless 'policies' and 'plans' and to instead improve outcomes for local lives and properties- the public interest. Brent's section 19 Flood Investigations into the July 2021 floods will also inform this review.

To a BFRS focus on climate change should also be added a wider investigation into the ambiguities of how the Westbourne rivers and springs system is categorised and responded to by its four responsible Lead Local Flood Authorities. This at present ranges from massively engineered ever increased new flood defences, to this rivers system simply no longer existing on the other side of a borough boundary? There must surely be a single rivers system reality and truth new 4 boroughs consensus from January 2022 onwards?

Massive new up stream developments in Camden/ Westminster also need to be factored in and not only Brent Land extreme over development, as according to Thames Water the River Westbourne culvert was already at full capacity before one months worth of rain fell in one hour on July 12th 2021.

Martin Francis said...

Brent is part of the West London Flood Risk cross-borough group for the upper sections of waterways while Westminster is in another group. This raises questions about communication between the two groups. Rivers don't recognise political boundaries!