Tuesday 7 December 2021

Bridge Park campaign going back to High Court with Appeal on behalf of the African and Caribbean Community over land sale to developer


Statement from BPCC Steering Group
who lead the The Save Bridgepark Campaign.

BPCC Steering Group was established in 2017, and was given a mandate by HPCC and a Community vote to lead the Save Bridge Park Campaign.

 BPCC setup Stonebridge Community Trust (HPCC) Ltd (SCT), a company capable of fighting the legal case on behalf of the Community stating that the African and Caribbean hold a direct and equitable interest in the Bridge Park land and Assets.  As a result we are currently restricting the sale of Bridge Park land and assets by Brent Council to a private developer.

Appellant 1 Leonard Johnson (As himself) and Apellant2, Stonebridge Community Trust (HPCC) Ltd (A Company Limited by Guarantee with Charitable objects) have arguments that differ:

I) Appellant 1 (LJ) wishes to put forward new arguments not placed before


Ii) Appellant 2 (SCT) wish to maintain the Arguments based on the original arguments that were made when the courts granted the Appeal.

Both Appellants wish to maintain arguments that the events around the purchase in 1982 established a Charitable Trust and as such should be protected from Brent Council's attempted disposal of Bridge Park Land to the private buyer behind the sale, a group called General Meditterranean Holdings.  Appellant 1 is currently refusing the offers from Appellant 2 to work together.

All sides in the Appeal have a QC representing them at the hearing on 14th December 2021 at the High Court.

Jay Mastin of Stonebridge Community Trust (Appellant2) said:
We have led this campaign on behalf of the community from the start and we feel confident that we have a deserving case which will now be heard by a group of the Top High Court Appeal Judges in the UK. The Bridge Park Complex is the largest and only centre of its type in Europe and the arguments are largely unique in Law. We hope that the outcome will likely set Legal Precedent.

We would like to thank the Community, councillors, MPs, press and legal community for the continued understanding and support.
If you use the Seach Facility on the right and type in Bridge Park you can find a number of Wembley Matters article on this issue. This LINK takes you to the verdict in previous appeal.

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bigbreadeaterellis said...

I recall the time when the Labour MP Dawn Butler attempted to save Bridge Park from closure by making passionate speeches and appeals.
It seems as if it was in vain, but time may yet prove otherwise.