Sunday 5 December 2021

Congratulations to Rumi's Cave for winning the Beacon Mosque Award for Best Services to Women


Congratulations to the the amazing Rumi’s Cave who have just won the  Best Women's Services Award in the British Beacon Mosque Awards Dec 2021

Rumi's Cave  describes itself as an alternative community hub, arts and events venue in Brent (based in Carlton Vale, South Kilburn and Willesden Lane), presenting a diverse range of cultural and social programmes to connect hearts, minds and communities. It is a non-defined social space open to all to reflect and share, inspired by the legacy of poet Jalauddin Rumi.

 Introducing the video of the Award presentation on YouTube, Rumi's Cave said:

Thank you to everyone who voted and the panel from Beacon Mosque for this amazing award, alhamdulilah. All praise is due to God. Rumi's Cave is open to all, from all walks of life and religions. But we feel strongly about women at the forefront and being in positions of leadership following our blessed spiritual traditions of Islamic women of the past. Notably Khadijah (ra) & Aisha (ra) wife's of the Prophet Muhammad who were key business women, entrepreneurs and scholars. We would secondly like to thank Sheikh Babikir our chairman who has pushed the women to be at the forefront to stand alongside the men from Rumi's inception. Women being in the back has never had a basis in our Islamic tradition but following the Medinan example of women also supporting the wider community is a strong message Sheikh Babikir has promoted since the beginning. To all the amazing women who run / have run the cave Glaiza, Nazra, Rakaya, Sukina, Tayyibah, Nuria and Aminah to all the amazing volunteers who give selflessly without recognition we love you and we hope Rumi's always feels like your home and supports your voice inshallah.

Accepting the Award, Aminah Babikir, Director of Rumi's Projects said:

By educating and empowering women we are actually empowering and educating a whole generation.

She recalled her father Sheikk Babikir  telling her, 'Be brave, stand firm with the men, don't feel you can't be at the forefront,' - it had taken a decade to lead from the front and realise how important that is in developing and supporting the spiritual, intellectual and emotional needs of women.

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