Tuesday 7 December 2021

Seasonal fun and some serious stuff at St Raph's Winter Fair on Saturday December 11th


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David Walton said...

How to make sure Brent are FAIR for more than a day.....

BIG PLUS; St Raphael's doesn't have six unsafe from day one,1970's built large panel 16 storey Bison towers used as weapons to force residents into a power asymmetrical regeneration 'game' with Brent as happened in South Kilburn.

ABSOLUTELY KEY; pre any 'infill' happening is for St Raphael's residents to know how all of this purpose designed public owned estates current land uses are precisely registered at the UK Land Regisrty. If community infrastructure, health, education, youth, parks and flood defence is not fully UK land Registry registered and mapped in the exact use it has, then St Raphael's is full exposed to a hostile market colonial 'its all surplus brownfield land' war as is happening in South Kilburn for the past 20 years. Not recommended.

IMPORTANT ALSO; is to spot in advance bad build/ design infills serving a longer market land take/ assembly 'game'. For example, Granville Road, South Kilburn pocket park flood defence regeneration major investment from 2010 is now become in 2021 a 'site' as its shared community land use was never protected or registered by Brent.

FLOOD DEFENCE; you can have a Rolls Royce St Raphs waterside park investment now thanks to climate emergency!