Friday 10 December 2021

See the history of Wembley Park on Olympic Way


It is good to see local historian and Wembley Matters contributor Philip Grant and the Wembley History Society  publicly thanked for their contribution to the new Wembley Park local history mural.

The mural  is on the wall of the steps and ramp beside Number 1 Olympic Way, the office block that has been converted into accommodation.



Philip Grant said...

I was happy to help correct some errors, and suggest some improvements to the draft Wembley Park timeline, for periods up to 1996, but the section about "a new era", from 2002 onwards, is all the work of Quintain / Wembley Park!

Other murals celebrating Wembley Park's sports and entertainment heritage are available, and I have not given up on efforts to get those put back on permanent public display.

Martin Francis said...

I rather suspected that!