Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Another Brent free school will now not open in September

Another free school due to open to Year 7 pupils in Brent will now not open in September. Gateway Academy, which promised a very different educational philosophy to that of  Michaela Academy, was to due to take about 100 Year 7 pupils. The DfE has not been able to secure a site for the school.

Parents of these children, if they have not already protectively accepted a place at another Brent school, will need to apply to the Secondary School Admissions Department of Brent Council. Sara Williams, Acting Director of  Children and Families, has said that there are enough vacancies in other Brent secondary schools for the unplaced pupils. These are likely to be at Copland Community School, due to academise is September, the Crest Academies and perhaps Capital City Academy.  Other Brent secondary schools have been oversubscribed LINK

This is the lettter Johnny Kyriacou, Principal Designate of Gateway, send to parents earlier today:

Dear Parents/Guardians

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we have to announce that the opening of Gateway Academy has been deferred and will now open in September 2015. The Department for Education took the decision because they were not able to secure us a building in time for September 2014.

We have been assured that the department will continue to search for a suitable site and remain committed to the opening of the academy in 2015, however this will be of little consolation for those Parents who have applied, seeing as your children are starting secondary school this year.

I am truly sorry we were not able to make it happen for this year but it was matters outside our control, namely in finding a site, which the Department for Education sets out to do for all free schools.

Your support for Gateway Academy has been overwhelming and humbling. We know the local community in Brent are very passionate and care very much about their children and their education.

You will need to make your choice of schools available through the local authority and their admissions team. We advised you to keep your place with the LA and that applications to us were in addition to the LA.

If there is any way that we can support then please do not hesitate to contact us. If you would like to come and meet me to express any further thoughts then please contact me at info@gatewayacademy.org.uk

Once again we are very sorry we will not be able to serve our local community this year and we wish you all the best.

Yours Faithfully

Johnny Kyriacou
Principal Designate


Anne Clarke said...

This is 2 non-openers for Brent. How much money has the DfE thrown at hiring heads for these schools, a deputy head as well for Gateway, facility advisors and office hire?

What a waste!

Anonymous said...

DFE probably waiting for Copland approval by Brent Exec Committee before confirming that there is no current nerd for Borg Gateway and Gladstone.

Paves the way for Ark.

Anonymous said...

No point in telling the parents to apply to Copland, they won't have any teachers left by September.