Thursday, 17 April 2014

Horses to return to Bush Farm, Kingsbury

I am able to reassure the children who are regular visitors to the donkey, Shetland pony, ponies and horses at Bush Farm in Kingsbury that they have not disappeared for good.

The animals who graze the paddocks on the edge of Fryent Country Park have been missing for some time. Kellie, who rents the fields from Brent Council told me this morning that they were moved to other grazing when the paddocks deteriorated during the record wet weather in the winter and became extremely muddy and bare of grass..

The fields which were left to recover are now drying out and there is a healthy crop of grass. Kellie told me that the popular animals will return later in the year.


Stephanie said...

Sorry to sound sentimental, but - awww! Good news for a change.

As this is about animals, hope you won't mind a cheeky reminder that it's the Mayhew Animal Home's Spring Fair on Sunday 27th April. Take the kids and meet the kittens. More info at:

Anonymous said...

Is that post in your capacity as a trustee of FKRL Stephanie? Have all the trustees discussed support for the Mayhew Home, voted on it and approved your comment?