Saturday, 19 April 2014

Wembley Matters is taking a break

Wembley Matters is taking an Easter break for  a couple of days

Its break will only be interrupted by major news such as Cllr Muhammed Butt joining the SWP, Francis Henry ousting Paul Lorber as leader of  Brent Liberal Democrats, Brent Conservative councillors becoming coherent, Brent Greens supporting Quintain's plans for a nuclear power station in the Civic Centre car park or Lorraine King organising a 'no shopping'  boycott of the London Designer Outlet.

The break will also provide a ceasefire in the Kensal Rise 'Comment Wars' taking place on this blog. Time for reflection and relaxation...


Anonymous said...

Thank you Martin - It was getting out of hand.
Lorraine will never stop shopping - that is a dead cert!

Anonymous said...

I was just beginning to warm to FKRL !


claremounties said...

Well earned Sir!

trevor said...

I won't be Voting next month because I don't think I would be getting anything of value in return.
for example Those of Us That suffered The Indignity of Having to Struggle to Survive on what used to be the Old Chalk Hill Estate
were promised by Brent Council that the estate would be regenerated.
Now if you Look into the meaning of that Word...and you consider the fact that The old estate failed to meet the needs of all who lived on it in many ways.
1. An environment offering security and happiness.( many could only Dream about security let alone happiness) how can one be secure in a place in which crime was widespread?
How could anyone be Truly Happy in a place in which the feeling of Torment was the common feeling for many that lived on that estate.
so the Council promised to regenerate the old estate and replace it with something new and much better.
well now the old estate has gone and has been replaced with a smaller one
can it truly be considered to be regeneration in the positive sense of that word?
well, another one of the problems that plagued the old chalk Hill estate was the problem with noise.
like the old estate, it was made up of flats built on top of one another and because the sound proofing
material was obviously inadequate, that meant that when people moved into the flats and started doing
day to day things
They would end up disturbing their neighbors especially when it involved the dragging of chairs across un- carpeted floors.
OK not all find the sound of chairs being dragged irritating.
but many Do me included and I put up with that problem for all the years I lived on Chalk Hill estate.
and so you can understand why I now feel disillusioned to say the least when I think back to the promise made by Brent council regarding regeneration.
now the old estate is gone and been replaced with a much smaller estate but the old problems remain.
there continues to be a major problem with noise pollution.
even while I sit here typing this email I can here my neighbor below doing whatever it that makes the most irritating noise in my opinion.
and even after approaching her to ask her to try to keep that noise to a minimum
she just continues doing it day after day and it causes me no end of torment and frustration.
now if these flats were built to a high standard
taking into consideration the problems caused by inadequate sound proofing material on the old estate
I believe living here would be a more pleasant experience.

Anonymous said...

Gave Jodi the weekend off anyway...

Anonymous said...

And Roxanne