Saturday, 26 April 2014

Housing inequality bus tour in Brent today

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Trevor said...

I Lived on Kilburn square in the 1970s and the problems I noticed then are the same problems I notice now in the supposedly regenerated chalk hill estate.
The fact that the problems that plagued kilburn square plague the new chalk hill estate suggests to me that little or no consideration was given to Help make for example noise pollution as much a problem of the past possible?
the so called new Labour Party that claims to be on The side of the public, Don't seem to be interested in dealing with noise pollution problems.
the fact that it is rarely if every mentioned in their new letter etc, suggests that they don't see it as a problem that requires their attention?
I believe that noise pollution is a long standing problem that should be dealt with seriously and swiftly.
because many people including myself suffer on a daily basis because of noise problems and much of it is due to the quality of the housing and the people that live in them.
and when two meet there can only be one outcome...torment and tension.
I have experienced both.
starting from my childhood living on the kilburn square estate
right up to where I live now on chalk hill road in wembley.
and the thing is I can remember being told that this estate was to be a regeneration.
OK it's smaller but again the same old problems are here.
noise pollution, litter problems, insect and rodent infestation problems for example.
and it's not as if the local authority have not had much time to learn how to deal with these problems.
no, they have had decades to find them and do their utmost to eliminate and deal with them as best as possible.
and this Housing equality bus thing I think is a half hearted attempt to draw attention to these problems with housing etc.
I doubt very much it will inspire any positive response from the people responsible for housing in this borough.