Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Green MEP condemns 'xenophobic' UKIP poster campaign

LONDON'S Green MEP Jean Lambert has pointed to the chasm between UKIP claiming to defend British workers jobs, while doing nothing to defend their rights at work.

Speaking on the BBC today, she said:
Today an anti-EU poster campaign has been launched, suggesting that UK jobs are under threat from EU migrants.
There is no fixed number of jobs so it is misleading to assume that a British worker loses out every time a non-UK national gets a job. We should also not assume that every vacant job has a local applicant with the necessary skills.
We should be ensuring everyone in work has the same rights and earns a living wage. UKIP has not once defended workers' rights in the European Parliament and frequently speaks of such rights - to control working time, to parental leave, to equal treatment - as "barriers to business".
These posters represent crocodile tears for British workers.
She added:
This xenophobic campaign is just nasty: it is anti-foreigner and leaves many EU migrants - that's more than a million people in London alone, and British citizens from diverse backgrounds, wondering whether they should be here at all.
The Green Party believes the UK should be at the heart of the EU, with a prime seat at the decision-making table: not only to boost employment and workers' rights, but to ensure we influence EU standards on air quality, its responses to climate change and that the UK has a voice on key decisions about how and where we get our energy from in future.

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Trevor said...

planet earth is here by accident
neither are its inhabitants.
history records show how humans despite being created for a purpose Have treated each other unjustly for a very long Time.
and yet Britain Of all the nations on earth Should be Free From That because it is supposed to be a Christian nation
and is therefore obliged to live by Christian Principles and one of those is the principle of Treating others in the way we would like or expect to be Treated.
Now I don't know Many people that enjoy being treated unjustly or inhumanely.
and yet it is The norm now especially for those that were born in another country to expect to be treated unjustly and inhumanely especially when they come to this country.
and yet that should not happen because again Britain is said to be a christian nation and that means that nation are dedicated to serving the creator of planet earth and its inhabitants.
but how can that nation make such a claim when history is overflowing with examples of how people were treated appalling and often by people that claimed to be servants of God?
in the same way that people have certain reasonable expectations from say the police force
and don't expect to hear let alone see members of the police force committing crime for obvious reasons, Likewise True Christians Do their Utmost despite inherited sinful tendencies
To Treat all humans in the way That the god That created all humans desires his true worshipers to Treat fellow humans.
and when they Try their utmost to live up to those standards, it brings praise and honor to the god they worship.
it also as a consequence helps to reduce xenophobia and all things associated with that.
it also helps to reduce Crime because True Christians also learn to Work honestly for their Living rather than steal from their neighbors.
all these so called Christian celebrations such as Easter and Christmas Day Do Nothing To promote honesty and Love.
rather it encourages Greed and Materialism and vainly attempts to Link The True Purpose of Christianity With Those Pagan rooted Things.
and Yet Just as True Christians are obliged to Live by Christian Principles which with time and Effort brings many blessings, are likewise obliged To be Honest since they are dedicated to serving the god of Truth.
that's not an unreasonable expectation when one considers how a Lie was Told about god brought sin and Death to the entire human family starting with Adam and Eve.
for good reason True Christians are obliged to Speak the Truth about The God They Serve and one of those truths is that god really isn't partial and that in all nations the man woman and child that fears him and works righteousness is acceptable to him.
those words although written thousands of years ago
remain trustworthy right down to this Day.
The illusion of Britain being Christian Is an illusion
because a Nation Truly humble will do its utmost to learn all it can about the right and acceptable way to worship its god?
We as a nation are more interested in pleasing ourselves...selling cigarettes...polluting the planet...and none of those things reflect Christian principles.
a nation that does not believe in the Christian god and worships instead its own "god" is better than the one that claims to be Christian and yet dishonors The Christian god day after day.