Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Both Natalie Bennett and Caroline Lucas to speak at NUT fringes this weekend

With a radical revised Green education policy ready to discuss both Green Party leader, Natalie Bennett, and Green MP, Caroline Lucas, will be speaking at fringes at this weekend's NUT Conference in Brighton.

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trevor said...

we have grown up in a country in which we have learned to take our health for granted.
as usual the politicians elected to lead the country misuse their authority and tend to put profit before principle which is why Britain is in such a Mess.
I feel really sorry for the children of this country because just as the children of my generation were let down and betrayed by the politicians in the 20th century by means of smoking alone, you can be absolutely certain that that tradition will continue throughout the 21st century.
only when a government that is motivated by love finally takes the reins will a generation finally learn to do what is beneficial to other another rather than continue doing what is acceptable now which is to do what isn't beneficial to one another
but because the politicians are setting the standards
it doesn't matter now if what does to make a living causes one's fellow to stumble.
lastly if the MP's expenses scandal gave a much needed insight into how MP's were conducting themselves, Then how much more insight does the smoking problem in Britain reflect on the Politicians Leading this country!!!!