Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Greens launch #smogselfie campaign as smog hits London and SE

Today the Department for Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) issued a smog warning to London and the south-east as air pollution levels reached the maximum of Level 10 on recording devices.

The Department advised people living in the capital against doing any strenuous activity outdoors.
4000 people die prematurely in London every year and with the Mayor of London failing to take aaction to tackle this massive public health risk, the London Green Party took action with a new campaign - #smogselfie. The Party asked members and supporters and anyone who cares about air pollution in London to use the dust around the capital's roads to send their own messages to Boris Johnson calling for action.

In a statement to accompany the launch of the campaign, Caroline Russell a candidate in the upcoming May elections said:
As London and the South of England are finally given government health warnings about breathing air that is polluted by toxic vehicle emissions, it is time for the government to reconsider its transport policy.  The planning and transport policies that have built in car dependency over many years  are coming home to roost.  
We urgently need to prioritise public transport and make our cities, towns and villages safe and convenient for walking and cycling.  Active travel provides a double whammy solution - reducing air pollution and increasing physical activity, which is an effective cure for multiple health problems.

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trevor said...

again I say that the smog problem is inevitable when you have greed driven wicked extremely corrupted people at the wheel of government.
just as passengers lives are in danger when they are in a vehicle under the control of a alcoholic or a person unqualified to drive, Likewise Time has shown That lives are in danger when you have a country being governed by wicked hypocritical greedy people.
just as they have misused their authority and allowed people to exploit the people they are supposed to be serving, which has caused no end of serious problems, in a similar way in their pursuit of money they allow the car business and others to do what they do which then causes the smog problem.
whenever you have anyone that thinks they can create a society in which double standards are the norm
you can be absolutely certain that the people in that system will suffer immensely.
also the wicked greedy political hypocrites are disloyal and are like political prostitutes that can be brought if the price is right.
the cigarette business has had great success in that regard!
the public would be safer in a gas filled room than to be living in a country in which its government is thoroughly corrupt.
only in a country in which the government is extremely corrupt will people grow up and learn to abuse their bodies by means of smoking.
and only in a country lead by wicked greedy politicians does it end up smog filled.
they think they chase money by any means and carry on doing that for time indefinite.
and then you hear them talking learning lessons when they are all gathered up in the houses of parliament.
what a Joke!!!!
that's comparable to Margaret thatcher's 1979 speech after winning the general election.
big promises but failed to keep them.
the government in this country is extremely Corrupt!!!!!
no way will they deliver us out of the mess they have created.