Saturday, 12 April 2014

West Hendon Estate residents resist social cleansing

I have previously covered the situation at the West Hendon Estate LINK where Barratt Homes are knocking down the social housing to build luxury flats on the banks of the Welsh Harp, fully supported by Barnet's ultra-Tory Council..

Today angry residents and supporters marched on the surgey of local MP Matthew Offord to protest agains the plans which one protester said would mean only 15% of current residents would remain on the estate. The others would be torn away from their community to be rehoused elsewhere in the borough in private rented accommodation in the area or beyond

As with other communities residents have already been hit by the benefit cap and the bedroom tax.

Matthew Offord declared his surgery a private meeting and dived into a police car to be sped away rather than face the people's wrath or listen to their grievances.

Full accounts of the march are HERE  and  HERE

This video shows a  strong community defending itself: A longer video from Barnet Rebel is available HERE

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Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group said...

Thanks, Martin.

Great video! Congratulations to all concerned.

Reflecting on Boris Johnson's electioneering mantra of 'There will be no Kosovo-style social cleansing in London' gives rise to quite a range of potential placards, I reckon.

[Thumbs down to] London-style social cleansing
[Thumbs down to] Operation Encompass-style social cleansing
'Welfare reform' boosts social cleansing

Swheatie — human placard flowering tree of the Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group