Saturday, 26 April 2014

Every Brent voter will have a chance to vote Green on May 22nd

The full list of candidates for the May 22nd local elections has now been published. There is a Green candidate standing in every ward in Brent with two in Willesden Green.

Brent Green Party firmly believe that every voter should be given the chance to vote Green.  This is particularly important now that the public are disenchanted with the three main parties and when there is, in reality, little difference in their policies.

The full list of candidates for each Brent ward is available HERE


Anonymous said...

Will the Greens promise to reduce rates of recycling and make the bin men go on strike like they did in power in Brighton?

Trevor said...

I Won't be voting Martin but I Can't help questioning This Pushing of the Greens as if we are To view Them as the Much needed solution to many a problem in this country?
as you know now without doubt I am very against smoking and for obvious reasons.
first...smoking does not benefit those that practice it and the idea that people should Live in a country in which the government consider it to be acceptable for a unnatural let alone unhealthy product To be openly sold To the Public in return for money is so wrong!!!!!
after all what was the purpose behind the 1971 misuse of Drugs Act?
wasn't it created for the purpose of protecting the public?
but if it is wrong to sell heroin to the public for money because heroin is dangerous and harmful to health of all who use it, what then about tobacco?
The fact that 100,000 people die every year as a direct result of smoking, leaves no doubt that smoking is clearly bad and is not beneficial to all who practice it.
yet the government that saw it as right to create Laws based on drugs found to be dangerous to health
of the public, Decided to overlook the clear damage that smoking does to human health, which is clearly wrong and unjust in my view.
as it helped to create an unjust system in which the government of the time decided for itself what was acceptable and unacceptable.
and then to make matters worse
the government collects tax revenue from the sale of cigarettes which run into billions of pounds every year.
to me that is even more wrong and is in effect blood money because when I consider the fact that smoking is now the biggest cause of preventable death in this country and yet the government still allow smoking to be legal, that suggests that they don't take protection of public health seriously
and rather put in their case tax revenue before principle.
and allow tobacco companies to to put profit before principle.
and so overall they have created this system in which it is OK according to the government to target and exploit the public by means of tobacco, but if you also decide to use heroin or cocaine for example then all of a sudden its not OK.
now don't get me wrong, I'm not in favor of the idea of selling heroin or cocaine to the public as a means of making a living.
no, rather what I'm saying is one does not use responsibility in a unjust and irresponsible by creating a system in which double standards are the norm.
children born into this so called democratic christian country need to clearly know right from wrong?
the laws in this country are so unjust and reflect double standards and hypocrisy and so children risk growing up and thinking that it is OK and inline with Christian Principles to do what the government of Britain has done and continues to do
when it clearly isn't.
I cannot see the Green party being the first to Do things Properly and Therefore Clearly Make what is wrong wrong and Right Right.
Rather Than continue the unjust way in which this country is run.
its all very well making harsh changes to the welfare state when other much needed changes are overlooked and never made because the government knows that it thrives on injustice despite all the attempts to appear to be in favor of justice.

Trevor said...

Is the cost of recycling High Anon?

Martin Francis said...

The amount of recycling did go down, partly as a result of the dispute you mention. However the amount of residual waste going tio landfill has been sharply reduced over the last two years with the closure of the local landfill site. The remainder is a mixture of reuse, recycling, composting and a large segment - energy from waste. A reduction of the total amount of waste is where I would put the emphasis which relates to reducing packaging and unnecessary consumption.

The CityClean dispute arose from an attempt to deal with gender inequality in pay rates. It was a controverial issue within the Green Party in Brighton and nationally and was not handled well. I posted on it here:

The minority Green Council has clearly learned some difficult lessons from the dispute.

Martin Francis said...

Yes Trevor, I do know you are against smoking. I am not trying to say that the Greens are the answer to everything but I do think we have a fundamentally different approach compared with the three main parties. Caroline Lucas has been a principled and courageous MP admired beyond the Green Party and her constituency. We are interested in the quality of people's lives and not just the quantity of goods that they may acquire. Health issues such as smoking, air pollution and the possible poisoninng of water supplies because of fracking are some of our major concerns. We are also interested in building, as you are, in adequate good quality and affordable housing. Alongside this goes efficient and affordable public transport to keep cars off the road. That is why we are also calling for the renationalisation of the railways. With the huge profits made by the 6 big energy companies meaning that many are having to choose to heat or eat we also want to bring energy back into public ownership. We would tackle tax avoidance by big corporations, bring banks under control and not renew Trident.

Locally we are not going to win control of the council but we can be an independent voice for local people that will hold the council to account.

Trevor said...

Thanks for your reply.
right now I am very Upset as I am still Trying to come to terms with the sudden Death of my dear ex partner yesterday.
in response Though to your reply I want to say That I just want a government that wont give it's consent to exploitation by means of smoking for example.
I'm sure you will agree that It is unquestionably wrong for any Democratically elected Government to approve of something that causes immense problems even if it brings in tax revenue for the government.
Money after all isn't everything thing.
and I think it should be seen as important for MP's to use their Mandate if you Like in a responsible way.
so for example you don't permit things like smoking since it has shown itself to be a destroyer of health and Life.
you make sure that those that wish to start up businesses do so in a way that does not slowly destroy the planet we rely upon.
you insist upon the building of good social housing
not the 5th rate stuff that has become the norm in which those renting them suffer while living in them.
lastly it seems to me that the green party has grown out of the neglectful dealings of the other main political parties.
it is as if they thought they could do what they have done and continue doing so without any serious consequences to deal with.
but time has shown that is not possible.
I have lost faith in Mainstream politics but I think green principles is a good thing especially if it actually shows concern for our one and only planet and the people That Have to Live off it.

Anonymous said...

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