Friday, 4 April 2014

BedroomTax: End it Now. Demonstration tomorrow.

From Unite Community

Bedroom Tax - one year on - end it now!

Saturday 05 April 2014 at 13:00-15:00
5 April marks the first anniversary of the hated Bedroom Tax
Bedroom tax London demo flyer
The Bedroom Tax causes misery to 600,000 families, increasing financial pain and contributing to growing food bank queues.

Unite Community believes one year is one year too long. Please join us at One Hyde Park, London’s most expensive residence, to call on Westminster to follow the Scottish parliament in binning the Bedroom Tax.

Join us for speakers, entertainment and sign an alternative birthday card to Iain Duncan Smith.

Event – Bedroom Tax, one year on, end it now
When – 1pm, 5 April
Where – One Hyde Park, Knightsbridge, London SW1X &LJ
Travel Details – Closest tube: Knightsbridge. Buses: 9, 10, 19, 22, 52, 137, 452, C1. For an accessible tube map of london please click here
Speakers – Owen Jones and some of those affected by welfare reforms. 
Contact – Pilgrim Tucker

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trevor said...

again I think that something Like a So called Bedroom Tax it is to be expected When you Have people at the wheel of Government that are Desperate for Taxes and don't forget that over the years despite the countless Deaths caused from smoking, none of the MP's banned smoking.
and I think it is because it is a huge source of Tax revenue for them.
and so you can surely expect that they would show no sympathy despite all the outcries regarding the so called bedroom Tax.
also remember that most of the people in Government are OK financially so they don't have the same anxieties that poor people Have.
The government's Attitude can be summed up in this way...unmerciful, out of Touch,and Blinded By Greed and Power.
People Like at the heart of Government will only cause misery for the people under them.
and That is exactly what They have done and continue doing.
Labour now think this is their perfect opportunity to win votes by playing on the anxieties and fears of the poor and using that slogan about being on our side
which of course I don't believe for one second and neither should you.
remember how they came in singing and dancing about things could only get better
only to show what was really in their hearts by misusing the MP' s expenses system.
people that are truly on the side of the poor don't manipulate them and misuse their authority once they win the general election.
and yet that is exactly what They Did.
and again I will mention the shameless wicked misuse of Authority regarding the legalization of Smoking.
a caring responsible government does not use its authority to permit others to exploit the public for profit
and yet that is exactly what they did and not one of them has used their authority since to ban it because they are making so much tax revenue from it.
it will always be profit before principle.
and exploitation of the public will always be permitted since that is now the way this system works.