Tuesday, 1 April 2014

London Citizen's Assembly in Willesden on Wednesday

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trevor said...

celebrate Success?
are you Serious?
When every other shop has shelves stacked ceiling High With Health Damaging Death causing diseases every year and Every other Shop has stands Stacked up outside conveniently placed to catch our eyes with the hope that we will waste our money on lottery Tickets and risk becoming gamblers.
and every other shop is a fast food restaurant selling calorie salt laden food and when people buy them they tend to drop the boxes and wrappers on the pavements which then turn what is meant to be our home into a slum.
and the pavements are covered daily in no end of cigarette stubs and empty cigarette boxes and private green areas have become like new style dustbins with no end of trash piled up.
and then the Political people keep filling up our letter boxes with their stuff cleverly designed to entice us to vote for them and then all that happens is conditions get worse rather than better.
and as For Brent becoming a Fairer Safer Place for its citizens to Live in Clear out the shop shelves of ALL THE HEALTH DAMAGING CIGARETTES and recognize that Brent can become a Safer fairer place but only when people change their attitudes.
for example when you have people that have taken seriously the message from the bible they tend to do as the apostle Paul taught which is to put on the new personality which was created according to gods will.
When people do that they tend to become better citizens.
you won't find them waking up everyday to sell cigarettes to people anymore because they learn that doing that is not an example of loving one's neighbors.
but instead it is a shameful reflection of this corrupt wicked and greed driven system which teaches people to put profit first.
it is in vain that people are being persuaded to gather up together to celebrate when there is little reason for celebrating in a system that is so corrupt as this one.