Monday, 28 April 2014

We want OUR library back!

From the Friends of Preston Library
Elections to Brent Council are less than a month away. We are holding a public meeting at 7.30 on Wednesday May 7 in St Erconwald's Church Hall, Carlton Avenue East HA9 8NB (flyer attached).  We have invited all the local candidates. In three of the four wards served by Preston Library, seats changed hands at the last election. They need your votes, and this is your chance to tell them what you think.

It's over two years since Brent closed six of the borough's libraries, and much of what we said would happen has happened. Brent's libraries are now, on almost every measure in the official statistics, amongst the poorest performers in London. We know that many people in the Preston area have been deprived of their library service - only yesterday someone who lives a few hundred yards from Preston Library was telling me that her daughter now struggles to find study space in the new Civic Centre Library.

The Preston Library building is still in public hands, and will be vactated by Preston Park School next year. Please come to St Erconwald's next week, and tell the politicians that we want our library back!


Anonymous said...

Well-said, and all the best, Friends of Preston Park. Don't go cap-in-hand to the politicians on 7 May. Remember that they're your employees, not your masters - something all politicians would like us to forget. They have only as much power as we allow them. Re the effect of the LTP - Martin Francis has commented on another recent blog about a child who couldn't find a space in the new Civic Centre library, a situation that can only get worse as more residential developments open across the borough. And that includes in the historic Mark Twain Kensal Rise Library if developer Andrew Gillick's latest plans for 'duplex', ie unaffordable, apartments are granted planning permission. Speaking of which, isn't it extraordinary that the council planners can possibly think it's OK to go ahead with hearing Mr Gillick's latest while an active police investigation by Brent police is underway?

Anonymous said...

Apologies - meant to say Friends of Preston Library.

Trevor said...

although I'm not belittling How important the Library Thing is to Many People, But right Now my heart is longing to be reunited with my dear ex partner Who sadly Died Last Month
and The emptiness along with the shock and obvious deep sadness is just Immense and I find myself finding it very difficult to concentrate on other things at least for the present.
I only found What Happened yesterday Morning so at the moment I'm still very bruised emotionally and mentally and again the sense of loss is immense.
I obviously know that sadly This is part of life and therefore many deal with it on a daily basis.
but that doesn't necessarily make it easy to deal with I think.
I think that if I could have a wish come True right now it would be for My ex and I and all who knew and loved and valued her as a relative and friend could be reunited with her and given the guarantee That Death will no longer be a part of Life.
I know that is all wishful Thinking It is still what I would request if given a chance to ask for something
for once only.
losing my ex Makes me realize that Life really is precious and of immense value and should be treated with the greatest respect and care possible.
since we only have only life and as I have seen
it is possible to grow to love someone so much during a lifetime That even the thought of losing that person(S) causes sleepless night.
and so for me the life of a loved one means more than a Library and I hope that does not offend those that feel stressed over the closure of a Library.