Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Greens describe their vision for education at official NUT fringe meeting

Natalie Bennett spoke at a NUT Conference official fringe meeting yesterday about the Green Party's vision for education. Kevin Courtney, Deputy General Secretary of the NUT, said that the union saw the Green Party as an ally. He said that although the NUT was not affiliated to any political party, and not likely to be, this did not mean that they could not see who their allies were. He said, 'We meet regularly with Caroline (Lucas) in Parliament and she puts questions down for us in the House of Commons.' The Greens were a force for helping to put the union's message across. Earlier in the Conference, Caroline Lucas received a warm reception at a 200 plus strong meeting on 'Building the Fightback'. Play the video to see what Natalie Bennett had to say. It is good to see the NUT and the Green Party working together for the future of our children.

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Trevor said...

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That does not surprise me because It is shamelessly clear to see the Public are exploited on a daily basis with regards to smoking.
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also the idea that Caroline Lucas is Used as a spokesperson for the NUT To a Bunch of democratically elected People Who show absolutely no interest in Establishing True Justice in Britain
When they ignore the fact that smoking causes 100,000 people to die every year
and they cut funding at a time when It is said that Deaths in Brent are Linked to Air Pollution
is clearly a major waste of precious Time.