Friday 30 November 2018

Brent Clinical Commissioning Group to move to Brent Civic Centre

Wembley Centre for Health and Care
Brent Clinical Commissioning Group (Brent CCG)  at its meeting on December 5th is likely to go ahead with a proposal to move from Wembley Centre for Health and Care in Chaplin Road, to Brent Civic Centre.

Brent Council already lets out two floors in the Civic Centre to external organisations and is due to cut their staff further in the next budget.

The report going before the CCG states:
The CCG has expressed an interest to be co-located with Brent Council in its Civic Centre (subject to affordability and commercial terms). Equally Brent Council is extremely keen and supportive of this move and fully recognises the opportunities for greater collaboration that co-locating would bring.

The current HQ premises are spread across the Wembley Centre for Health and Care site with staff working in silos largely within cellular offices. This is not an efficient use of space nor does it foster cohesive working arrangements.

Releasing space at the Wembley Centre for Health and Care, under the NHS Property Services vacant space policy, potentially creates an opportunity to reduce CCG running costs. Strategically this also supports the future aspirations for the site to become an out of hospital hub, appropriately sized and fit for purpose.

There are 76 staff working at Brent CCG, the accommodation on offer at Brent Civic Centre is 48 dedicated desks together with shared offices and breakout areas. This move would require the CCG to adopt the NWL Agile Working Policy which recommends a staff to desk ratio of between 6:10 and 7:10. The proposal complies with the policy with a ratio of 6.3:10. The CCG is required to reduce its office accommodation and desk allocation across its estate; as such this proposal is in line with the overall strategic direction being adopted across NWL.

Current estimated project costs are £85,500 to be covered from existing revenue funding.

There is an annual saving to Brent CCG of £446,000 generated by moving to Brent Civic Centre.


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