Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Brent Council housing performance plummets

A reader writes:
Hi Martin, I received the Winter edition of ‘Your Voice’ the magazine for Brent Council’s tenants and leaseholders this morning and noticed that 5 out of 6 key performance targets had gone down, as they are highlighted in red.

The council told me and other residents that we would see a remarkable transformation in the delivery of services following the transfer from BHP 14 months ago.  I assumed they were going to get better but as their own statistics show, they are nosediving. e.g. The target for Estate Inspections in 2018/19 is 100% but their performance is rated at 48%.

Maybe you might like to ask the council, why are they performing so badly?  The next Housing Scrutiny committee meets this week and you could ask the chair Cllr. Long what has gone so badly wrong? Could it be that the council misled us at the consultation meetings to get us to vote to take the services in-house.  I attended the session at the Willesden Library and ‘my table’ was hosted by Cllr. Butt and I remember him saying, “BHP were useless at managing repairs” but it seems the council are even worse

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