Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Brent Council silent on impact of possible Spurs extension on Wembley Stadium pedway removal programme

Wembley Matters has approached Brent Council for a comment on how the possible extension of Tottenham Hotspur's use of Wembley Stadium up to May 2019 would affect the timetble for removal of the stadium pedway and its replacement by steps. The request was made more than a week ago and despite reminders no answer has been received.

The  works already had a tight schedule and would not take place on event days, so an increase in the number of event days will obviously make an impact.

The Minutes of the Planning Commitee meeting of September, where the steps application was unanimously approved states:
Members heard that the steps were intended to be in place for 2020 when Brent would become the Borough of Culture and Wembley National Stadium would host European Nations League finals.
Wembley is scheduled to host seven Euro 2020 games including the final LINK

The works schedule is formidable:
The delivery of the project can be split into three main construction phases:

       Phase 1 – Site Preparation and Substructure Works; 

       Phase 2 – Pedway Demolition and Construction of Steps; 

       Phase 3 – Landscaping and Fit Out. 

.        6.62  Phase 1 - The initial work activity will focus on clearing the site below and around the Pedway of those utilities and other items that will obstruct the Pedway demolition and subsequent staircase construction. As areas become clear, works to the foundations and substructure of the steps will commence.

       6.63  The foundations to the steps will be constructed in and around the existing Pedway structure in advance of its demolition. Therefore, there will be a need to utilise small/specialist plant, such as restricted access piling rigs that will be able to access the low headroom areas beneath the existing Pedway to construct the piles.

       6.64  Phase 2 - This phase will commence within an agreed window of time to minimise the impact to WNSL. The first stage of demolition will focus on removing the Pedway structure from the area of the new staircase construction. Once this is removed, the demolition will focus on removing the remainder of the Pedway (as it runs across Engineers Way towards Olympic Way and Wembley Park station north of the Stadium). A road closure of Engineers Way will be required whilst the Pedway is removed across the carriageway area (details as to the number and timeframes required for the road closures are not yet available but will be agreed, at the proper time, with the Council).

       6.65  The construction of the staircase is anticipated to be a combination of pre-cast and cast in- situ concrete. It is anticipated that the bridge podium section that will connect to the Stadium will be cast in-situ and the staircase will be formed from precast structural elements. The staircase is of a modular construction and will follow a step by step process that will be prescribed by the designer and supplier. Throughout this phase of heavy lifting it may be necessary to have lane closure on Engineers Way to facilitate easy delivery and unloading of the precast elements. Pedestrian management will be a key feature of this phase to maintain safety exclusion zones around the works.

       6.66  Phase 3 - The fit out of the staircase undercroft will commence as soon as all overhead working is complete and it is safe to do so. The final landscaping will be constructed during the WNSL events season. Ahead of this phase there will be agreed processes and access routes to limit the level of non-working and disrupted time (as has been managed through the delivery of the Olympic Way Zone A works).

       6.67  The construction of the landscaping and public realm works will be undertaken in two sections that will run concurrently: Olympic Way (from the boundary of the Zone A works) to Engineers Way and the Olympic Steps area comprising land south of Engineers Way to the Stadium.



Anonymous said...

Perhaps they'll forget about the stupid idea and spend the CIL money more wisely to benefit residents.

Anonymous said...

As a resident I'm grateful Brent are showing urban / national pride (the pedway is a behemoth). If they are running out of time for the Euros then Spurs / the Stadium should be ashamed.