Friday 30 November 2018

Free furniture offer from FA Community

From the Football Association (Community)

We have a large number of furniture items that we no longer need and are therefore in the process of donating them away. We have made contact with a few charities but it would be great if we could find a local home for most of it.

List of items

·         Purple chairs, Circa x 600-650
·         Artificial wall x 2 
·         Coffee tables x 10
·         Plastic stools x 30
·         White Atrium chairs x 15
·         Pouffes x 25
·         Bar sofas x 10 
·         Bar glass tables x 6
·         Round tables x 8
·         Red and white sofa x 8
·         Brown stools x 40
·         Blue chairs x 2
·         Red chairs x 20
·         Little black stools x 40
·         Tours stools x 10
·         White poser tables x 20
·         3 seater sofas x 2
·         Box sofas x 2
·         Light boxes for Wembley suite x 8
·         Big red sofas x 2
·         Lollipop signs x 7
·         Lamp x 1

With the exception of a small number items, most pieces are in good used condition.

Please note that if you are interested in taking some of this furniture, you would need to make plans to have it collected by the end of next week. You can do this by simply emailing Subject line **free furniture**                                                                                                        

The FA GroupPostal address: Wembley Stadium, PO Box 1966, London, SW1P 9EQ

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