Monday, 18 November 2013

Budget cuts, Veolia, Copland, racist letting agents and violence against women on Council agenda tonight

The most important item on tonight's Brent Council Agenda is probably the first reading of the budget which includes the cuts already listed on this blog LINK

Executive members will give reports as follows:

1. The opening of the LDO and update on appointmentof Ben Spinks (Cllr Butt)
2. New Public Realm contract (Cllr Mashari)
3. The future of Copland school (Cllr Pavey)
4. Integrated Care Pioneer bid and conference on adult safeguarding (Cllr Hirani)
5. Action taken on racial discrimination by local letting agents and private rented
 sector licensing (Cllr McLennan)
6. The live-streaming of Council meetings (Cllr Denselow)
7. Conference on khat (Cllr Choudry)
8. An update on parking (Cllr J Moher)
9. Regeneration tour of the borough by Deputy Mayors of London (CllrCrane)
10. Visit from the Mayor of Johannesburg (Cllr R Moher) 

Each party group has tabled a motion for this evening.  They are:


Tackling violence against women

This Council commends the work of the members’ task group on Tackling Violence against Women and Girls in Brent. This task group is committed to ending harmful practices by raising public awareness of issues such as female genital mutilation (FGM), forced marriages and honour-based violence. These practices, and all instances of violence against women, constitute illegal, intolerable acts and human rights violations.

This Council notes the positive influence members can wield within communities by encouraging individuals and groups to speak out against harmful practices, which impact on the wellbeing of women and girls in Brent. To ensure that members are fully informed on all these harmful practices and how to deal with them effectively, there will be a member development event held on Thursday 21 November 2013. Sessions will be led by the expert organisations FORWARD and the Asian Women’s Resource Centre.

Members also note the work of the White Ribbon Campaign day- a charitable organisation started by men which seeks to end violence against women. Members whole-heartedly support this cause and will sign the White Ribbon pledge to affirm that they will never condone or remain silent about violent acts against women. A Brent Council event marking White Ribbon Day – the internationally recognised day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women – will be held in the Civic Centre on November 25.

We call on all members to unite in the fight against these harmful practices, and resolve to end all practices which cause physical or emotional distress to women and girls in Brent within the 5-year target set by the Government earlier this year.

Councillor John


Cleaner streets in Brent

Council notes that Labour councillors have targeted street cleaning and waste collection for service reductions by:

        i.            Reducing the frequency of street cleaning in many residential streets from three times a week to once a week

      ii.            Reducing weekend street cleaning in High Streets

    iii.            Reducing refuse collections, even in areas with poor storage facilities for residual waste

     iv.            Introducing curtilage collections

       v.            Axing the streetwatcher scheme

Council further notes:

        i.            It is two years since Brent Council hit its target for tonnes of waste sent to landfill

     vi.            In five out of the last six quarters Brent Council failed to hit its target for the percentage of waste sent for recycling

   vii.            Brent Council has never (since the target was adopted as a KPI) met its target for Flytipping Enforcement: number of inspections and investigations

 viii.            Reported fly-tipping increased after Labour's street cleaning cuts, as dirty streets encouraged more people to dump waste

     ix.            There is considerable public concern about the cleanliness of our streets and the amount of fly-tipping in Brent

       x.            The failure to meet recycling targets has significant financial consequences

Council calls on the Executive to:

        i.            Improve Brent Council's recycling performance

      ii.            Step up enforcement in order to target more effectively those who disfigure our streets with litter and fly-tipping

    iii.            Use the resulting additional finance to increase street cleaning where it is most needed and work intensively with residents and managers of blocks of flats to address litter, fly-tipping and waste collection issues.

Councillors Lorber, Brown and Hopkins



This Council notes that the parking policy of this Labour administration is hurting Brent's economy as high parking charges on the local high streets and the abolition of visitor parking scratch cards continue to drive visitors away.

This Council also notes that as a result of these ill-thought out policies, shoppers are deserting Brent in favour of the cheap, easy and free parking that is on offer at Brent Cross and in neighbouring borough’s. 
This Council resolves to:
-          Introduce half an hour free parking on our High Streets
-          Ensure that event day parking restrictions only apply for 1hour before the event at Wembley Stadium
-          Continue the use of visitor scratch cards indefinitely,

Councillor Kansagra

You can watch a live feed of the meeting on computer, tablet or smart phone from 7pm HERE and tweet #brentlive


Anonymous said...

Item 3. Copland School. Questions were raised at the Consultation meeting for staff last week about whether Ark Academy's teaching staff reflected the ethnic balance of the school's catchment area and intake. Headteacher Smith didn't answer. Could Mr Pavey answer for her thus reassuring Copland staff and parents on the matter.(We'll take it as given that 'all appointments are made purely on merit').

Anonymous said...

Pavey used his time to read a quote from Ark's Ofsted report and Copland's Ofsted report. Guess what. Ofsted (Chair, Dame Sally Morgan, expenses fiddler) liked Ark Academy (paid 'Advisor', Dame Sally Morgan, expenses fiddler). Pavey at no point indicated any responsibility on Brent's part for Copland's plight ( indulgence of Davies's unusual auditing habits, negligence re his ditto, negligence re safeguarding leading to failed 2009 Ofsted on Davies's watch, failure to attempt to get the money back from the scammers, subsequent hopeless appointments etc etc etc). 'The most popular school in the borough will be in partnership with the least popular'. Sick bag, please..............

Trevor said...

My First Thought was to Write Laugh out Loud when I read the part about Cleaner Streets
But I stopped and Thought Hang on a Minute, How Long Have We been paying council Tax?
And yet the uneven cracked new style dustbins we walk on have become increasingly Dirty!
and so Are Meant to believe that after the meeting somehow the New style concrete dustbins Will become Cleaner?
and I suppose the street Drains that are currently forever blocked solid with dusts and leaves will gradually become unblocked right?
I think pigs would fly first before That would ever happen in this borough.
The reality is this borough is one big haven of exploitation and neglect.