Thursday, 7 November 2013

Sabina Khan and Zaffar van Kalwala move ahead in the Brent Central race

Sabina Khan has overtaken Dawn Butler in the number of ward nominations for Brent Central tonight having been chosen by both Welsh Harp and Dudden Hill.  Zaffar van Kalwala got the male nomination in Dudden Hill and Dr Sundar Thava the Welsh Harp. Kalwala now has four nominations, equal to Dawn Butler, with Sabina Khan one ahead on five.

Patrick Vernon was a strong runner up in both Mapesbury and Dudden Hill.

Kingsley Abrams has been nominated by the GMB Central London Branch.

Tony McNulty and Sabina Khan were nominated by the Cooperative Party.

Ward Nominations Complete List
Female nomination
Male Nomination
Dawn Butler
Zaffar Van Kalwala
Willesden Green
Sabina Khan
Imran Ahmed
Kensal Green
Parmijit Dhanda
Dollis Hill
Liaquat Ali
Mike Katz
Dudden Hill 
Welsh Harp 
Dr Sundar Thava


Andrea said...

Sundar Thava got Welsh Harp nomination. So another male candidate still in the race.

Unknown said...

Tony McNully did not get a nomination , also there is not any african-caribbean descent males nominated ?. Although they do have union endorsements , Partrick Vernon Unite , plus he came 2nd in two wards,one of which is quite large.
The Longlist is intresting, but the shortlisting procedure will be even more of a eyeopener.

Anonymous said...

McNulty was nominated by the Co-Operative Party.

Martin Francis said...

Yes as blogged here on Thursday. Sabina Khan was the Cooperative Party's female nominee.

trevor said...

it does not matter who got or gets nominated
what is important is whoever that person is that they recognize the need to be "different"
and different in the sense that they recognize the need to look again @ what politicians have been doing and the damaging effect it's had on society
particularly on the poor.
there is talk of bringing an end to the something for nothing culture with regards to people claiming benefit.
what about bringing an end to the culture of using health damaging death causing Tobacco as a means of making a living?
About 100,000 people in the UK die each year due to smoking.
Now How can that be acceptable in what is considered to be a Christian society?
even I know that the positive beneficial affects of adopting Christian principles into human society is that you have less self inflicted diseases such as lung and Throat cancer
which surely is a good Thing!
the NHS benefits from that in that it's budget can be used to deal with other things and it also prevents the cost of running the NHS increasing each year as is the case with smoking continuing to be permitted in society.
our environment benefits in that the pavements gradually stop resembling new style ashtrays and bins for empty cigarette boxes.
would you expect to find oranges growing on apple trees?
of course you wouldn't!
simply cause you know that each Tree produces fruit according to its kind.
so if a Tree is an apple Tree it produces apples only and an orange Tree Produces oranges only.
Well in a Similar sense a Society that sees the sense to embrace Christian Principles will be able to tell the difference between a True Christian society and a False one.
because a True one will produce good results despite the fact that no one is perfect.
but a False one will produce bad fruit(results) not due alone to the fact that everyone is imperfect,
but more due to the fact that it is not sincere in its desire to be good
but instead is doing things simply for selfish reasons.
the truth is British society is exactly like that.
We just pretend to be Christian when the reality is we are anything but...we are Like false money, it looks genuine but lacks the strip inside which is part of genuine money.
until we get that strip we will always be phony.
but we are only kidding ourselves and not god...after all would an almighty spirit with superior intelligence and power needed to create a planet and all its inhabitants be fooled by mere humans?
and can he not discern who are his True representatives and who are fake?

Anonymous said...

There have been quite a few close contests in the wards, wonder if this will have a bearing on shortlisting? We know about Bobby Thomas in Harlesden and Liaquat Ali in Willesden Green. By the way I gather Patrick Vernon was some way behind Mike Katz in Mapesbury - and he (Katz) apparently missed out on Co-op by 1 vote.

So many people who were expected to make an impact got nowhere - not altogether surprising in such a crowded field I guess, but still..

Anonymous said...

i hear zaffar actually won in harlesden after the recount, any news about the recount in willesden green ?