Friday, 1 November 2013

Right-wing label Brent 'loony left' over fracking move

Brent Council's decision to investigate the possible banning of fracking in the borough has predictably got the right-wing press and bloggers foaming at the mouth, with the label 'loony left' being thrown around.

One comment on the Daily Telegraph website gives a flavour: LINK
 I would have thought it was worth flattening the London Borough of Brent if it meant the rest of the country had access to gas. Is there anything in Brent apart from lefties and illegal immigrants?
Other, more rational commentators, point to a flaw in Muhammed Butt's statement when he said:
While there may be advantages to fracking in some parts of the country it would be dangerous and reckless for companies to start drilling in Brent.
The dangers and recklessness apply to all areas and not just Brent and as Friends of the Earth said:
Shale gas is another climate changing fossil fuel that needs to be left in the ground – the real solutions to our energy needs are renewables and slashing energy waste.
It is to be hoped that Brent Council's courageous stand will lead to the Labour Party adopting an anti-fracking position nationally.

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