Friday, 1 November 2013

Brent Green Party welcomes Brent Council's fracking move

Shahrar Ali, spokesperson for Brent Green Party, reacting to Brent Council's statement on fracking said:
Brent Green Party welcomes the  interest shown by Brent Council in the fracking issue and the statement by Council Leader Muhammed Butt that they will  investigate their powers to refuse applications for shale gas exploration in Brent.

Fracking continues the use of Fossil fuels and is therefore likely to worsen the harmful consequences of climate change. 
The current extraction techniques also present a demonstrable risk to public health through contamination of water courses and we must develop renewable energy alternatives, too. A politically responsible solution to the climate change impact requires nothing less.
Jenny Jones, Green Party  Assembly Member said:
Fracking is dirty and polluting, as well as unnecessary. The fracking companies admit that it won’t bring energy costs down but will disrupt communities through noise, dirt, extra road traffic and the threat of pollution. Well done to Brent Council for standing up for their residents.

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