Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Labour's Brent Central ups and downs

I'm a little behind with the Brent Central Labour nominations as busy burning my bridges - or at least my energy bills, yesterday.

The hot news, or the news causing some heat, is that Janice Long ordered a recount at Harlesden after Zaffar van Kalwala lost to Bobby Thomas by only one vote. Following the recount she awarded the male nomination to Zaffar.

Meanwhile Dollis Hill ward nominated  Dawn Butler as the female candidate and Liaquat Ali as the male. Word is that this result also had a one vote margin, while there are rumours of a recount at Willesden Green.(See comments)

The position so far (subject to recounts):
Female nomination
Male Nomination
Dawn Butler
Zaffar Van Kalwala
Willesden Green
Sabina Khan
Imran Ahmed
Kensal Green
Parmijit Dhanda
Dollis Hill
Liaquat Ali
Mapesbury (Nov 6th)

Dudden Hill (Nov 7th)

Welsh Harp (Nov 7th)


Anonymous said...

Apparently there is a recount for willesden green because there was a margin of 1 vote there too. Rumours have it liaquat ali actually beat imran ahmed. Now this is getting quite interesting, would love to see actually who labour will choose as their PPC

Mike said...

Are all these 1 vote margins because only about 3 people turn up to the selection meetings? Shouldn't take long to do a recount then...

Anonymous said...

To be fair to Janice, the rules on whom to eliminate first in the AV system of voting, if candidates tie for last place are quite complex and depends on the value of their other preferences. Who is eliminated first will affect to whom their preferences will go and in a close vote could make all the difference. It's not the case that the Harlesden nomination was arbitrarily handed to some other candidate. It was a question of correctly applying complex counting rules.

Anonymous said...

Utter nonsense! Those charged with overseeing an election and observing it shouldn't be there if they are confused by the very electoral system they are purportedly in charge of. I hear through the grapevine though that this isn't the only issue during this election process that she's handled badly, from not disciplining or reporting candidates who have broken the rules to the conduct of meetings and now this voting fiasco in Harlesden.

Anonymous said...

Easy words, but no evidence beyond hearsay. National rules apply to the nomination of candidates and some of the voting rules are both new and complicated. The members charged with overseeing the ballot in each ward are not paid officials but lay members doing their best.

Unknown said...

Lay members should have some training prior to the PPC selection procedures , as its very important to get these things right for potentially such a significant role. What support are they given by Region LLP for this?. Anyone know?.