Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Mapesbury go for Katz and Khan for Brent Central Labour nomination

Th provisional ballot results for Mapesbury ward's nomination for Brent Central Labour Parliamentary Candidate  are Sabina Khan for the female candidate and Mike Katz the male candidate.

This leaves Dawn Butler one ahead of Sabina Khan across the wards and Zaffar van Kalwala as the only male candidate backed by more than one ward.

Dudden Hill and Welsh Harp decide tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

More controversy looms as it appears that a prospective labour councillor for Kensal Green called Dan Fillson spoke at their meeting and made false accusations that Dawn Butlers campaign endorsements were false and people featured hadn't agreed to be in it and he mentioned Bobby Thomas in particular. Bobby thomas has now said this is rubbish and that he never said such a thing and in light of Fillson's 5 minute rant against Butler at the meeting a complaint has been made to the labour party about how the meeting was allowed to be run in letting somebody conduct personal attacks and make claims with no evidence. Seems like labour got rid of one Kensal headache in Powney but now have another one in Fillson.

Andrea said...

Bobby Thomas appears on Butler's website as one of her supporters.!supporters/c1ogt

isn't he also running for this selection (the Harlesden nomination won and then lost by 1 vote)?

Anonymous said...

Don't they select a male and a female candidate? So i guess its possible to endorse somebody of the opposite gender I suppose? Sources I know say that Bobby said he never told this Dan that he didn't give permission for Dawn Butler to use his endorsement and that he is quite happy with endorsing her. So it does look like this Dan guy was trying to stick a knife in Butlers back. Somebody should ask him who hes supporting i smell intrigue :)