Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Pavey backs Ark Academy takeover of Copland and fails Gladstone Park parents

Michael Pavey, lead member for Children and Families, on Brent Council is taking part in a Guardian on-line discussion on education this lunchtime.

Pavey, who replaced Mary Arnold as lead member, made great play of his opposition to free schools and academies when he stood for the role. He wanted to see a much more robust response from the Council.

Unfortunately that opposition has been diluted in office to the extent that in a Kilburn Times statement on the proposed takeover of Copland Community School by the Wembley Ark Academy he says LINK
This is a fantastic opportunity for a new beginning at Copland. Ark Academy in Wembley is hugely popular with local parents.We want Copland to be just as good and just as popular. I warmly encourage local families to get involved (in the consultation) to shape the future of their school.
Parents at Gladstone Primary School thought that Pavey would support their energetic campaign against becoming a forced academy but their initial hopes were soon dashed when he failed to take the lead in putting his weight, and that of the local authority, behind them. In contrast, Snaresbrook Primary in Redbridge has recently avoided forced academisation after their local authority (a Tory one) strongly supported the school and its parents.

Starved of that backing it appears the Gladstone parents have decided that if they have to become an academy they will opt for one with CfBT which of all the options conformed most closely to the school's ethos. One parent commented:
'I would say "no" to academisation but if we must become an academy CfBT is the best choice'
 The consultation result on becoming a CfBT academy was:

72 in favour, 26 against and 18 not sure.

The Governing Body of Gladstone Park Primary will be making their decision on Tuesday November 12th.


Anonymous said...

Oh Michael Pavey, you promised so much yet you have delivered so little. Just like all the rest...

Anonymous said...

'Pavey..... made great play of his opposition to free schools and academies when he stood for the role. He wanted to see a much more robust response from the Council.' Difficult to believe, Martin. Most people would need examples and quotes to be convinced that Mr Pavey's current actions would deviate to any extent from his earlier words.

Martin Francis said...

Told me so himself

Anonymous said...

When will the Tory-Lib Dem government stop their war against the people of Brent?!

Anonymous said...

Might slow them up a bit if 'Labour' people like Pavey stopped waving the white flag and clapping their troops as they marched through the streets.

Anonymous said...

watch this space for a further mass exodus of staff to follow the pattern of other ARK conversions!

Anonymous said...

And when will ARK stop their takeover of Brent?