Friday, 15 November 2013

Demonstrate tomorrow to save Cricklewood's only green space from developers

Outside B&Q :

Unit 1, Broadway Retail Park Cricklewood Lane Cricklewood, London LONDON NW2 

11am Saturday 
November 16th

Brent X Coalition LINK

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trevor said...

I agree with you in principle That this Green Space Should Not be Given to Developers.
However We Both Know That Britain is a country in which Profit Tends To be put before Principle and so it should not come as a Surprise that a Green space in Cricklewood is Being Targeted by profit driven Developers.
also If you Take the Time and actually ask the public if they feel @ Home in this Borough?
the chances are the answers will be in general NO.
and that Would not Surprise me one bit.
in fact I would be expecting most people to say they don't feel @ home in Brent because it is a Borough in Which Profit is Always First, and everywhere you go all you see is betting shops, corner shops that provide people with the Tools that cause 100,000 deaths each year.
Fast Food Shops that sell Cheap but Poor Quality Food that cause many to gain excessive amount of Weight as well as contributing to the litter problem in this borough in which much of the litter dropped onto the pavements are from fast food shops, along with the empty boxes that cause the 100,000 deaths from lung and Throat cancer each Year.
you see Martin, This is what happens when profit is put before Principle.
but man has decided to take is is meant to be our home and have turned it into a haven of exploitation, greed and torment.
if principle was put before Profit I think it was be less Likely Green spaces would be being given away to developers.