Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Harlesden Incinerator decision deferred again

This message from Peter J Lee of Ealing Planning Department means that the Harlesden Incinerator is OFF tonight's Ealing Planning Committee Agenda.

I write to inform you that it has been decided to DEFER consideration of the Energy Recovery Centre (known to many as the Harlesden Incinerator) application from this evenings meeting as we have not yet received the updated comments of the GLA following the Secretary of State’s decision to re-issue the HS2 Safeguarding Order to take account of their decision to proceed with the Northolt corridor bored tunnel option. 

As you know this re-issue did not take place until 24th October 2013 and the GLA haven’t yet confirmed what their position is in respect of this change in circumstance which could have a significant bearing on their original Stage 1 comments where they raised no significant objections to the proposal.

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