Monday, 11 November 2013

Sabina Khan, 'a unique combination', sends confident message to Brent Labour Party members

As Labour's Brent Central selection committee begins the task of interviewing candidates, Sabina Khan has sent this confident message out to Labour Party members:

Dear friends and members in Brent Central,

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your patience and support in considering me in your branch nominations recently.

Thanks to you I have been nominated in 5 out of 9 wards including the largest wards, as your preferred candidate and for giving me the most nominations out of all 38 candidates.

I am also grateful to have been nominated by the Co-operative Party and GMB Union and am truly honoured and humbled by members' support across Brent Central.

 A fresh start

I offer a unique combination of local roots, experience in business and family life coupled with strong Labour values and experience. I have knocked on thousands of doors in Brent over the years and as a mum and community activist have unrivalled understanding of local issues and know what it it takes to beat the Lib Dems.

Your support has shown that I am able to appeal to Labour members from all areas of the constituency and now, with your support, be the candidate who will appeal to the whole of Brent Central's electorate. 

If we want a different outcome from last time, we need to do things differently this time.

I am not fighting for any other seat nor seeking reselection to Parliament. Neither is it simply a stepping stone to Parliament but a desire to represent the community and area which formed me and where two generations of my family live.

As a local mum, campaigner, small business owner working with manufacturing industries and genuinely locally known politician I can win Brent Central back for Labour and keep it Labour.

I hope to meet you all in the coming weeks and am asking for your support and first preference in the upcoming candidate selection on 7th December.


Anonymous said...

Why are you publishing this filth?

Anonymous said...

She may be forward in telling people about herself, but she doesn't seem to be that open when replying to questions from members and journos about herself. She's been asked to confirm or deny whether she has placed her children into private schools rather than state schools and whether she headhunts and recruits for the petrochemical industries. It's a simple yes or no, but the usually expansive Mrs Khan seems unable to utter either of those two words to anybody and while she remains silent on the matter the rumour mill grinds against her among members.

Martin Francis said...

Anonymous sent in this comment: When I asked her she was very open that her children attended Mallorees School (a foundation school which is some way from her home in Dudden Hill).

trevor said...

It's Not Filth Anon,
I think it is Better To Let Time be the Judge in this case, Because Only Time Will Tell Whether She Lives Up to her words?
and By Being Too Quick To oppose Your Not Doing yourself any favors I think.
Also it costs Nothing to be gracious and when that is used more than being ungracious, You Will Find that people Will Have Less Reason to complain against you.