Thursday, 7 November 2013

Hey Mr Boris - Brent Elders rap the Mayor over road crossing times


"'Most Older Pedestrians are unable to cross the road in time: a cross-sectional study', has compared the walking speed of the older population in the UK (aged 65 and over) with the speed required to use a pedestrian crossing. Currently, to use a pedestrian crossing a person must cross at a speed above 1.2 metres per second. 76% of men and 85% of women age 65 and over have a walking speed that is well below the required speed of 1.2 metres per second. "

From Science Daily 14 June 2012, (study originally published in Age and Ageing June 2012). Research led by Dr Laura Asher of the Department of Epidemiology & Public Health at UCL (University College London)

HEY MR BORIS is one of the many projects run by Elders Voice. We believe that using music and humour has been an excellent way of highlighting society's neglect of this life-or-death issue for older people. We run projects in Brent and beyond with and for older people.

Lyrics and music Clair Chapwell

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trevor said...

Don't forget that this man is part of a Political system in which public health is taken for granted.
We Merely Live to be exploited and either abuse ourselves or allow ourselves to be abused.
and we have become so hardened that we begin to see nothing wrong in abusing ourselves.
this is what happens when those @ the wheel of government are driven by greed and are extremely corrupt.
under such conditions one must expect to hear on a regular if not daily basis of lives being destroyed.
Boris Johnson will never Create a system under which public health @ last is safe and ceases to be taken for granted.
a system like that could only exist when those governing are no longer corrupt and motivated and driven by greed.
or think that you can run a country by saying to one people dont do that while saying to another go ahead and Do it!
and make sure you pay us in terms of tax revenue or blood money in return for us being willing to turn a blind eye to the wrongs you want to do to the public.
oh and one more thing
let's use Religion as a means of exploitation Too.
Let's Lie to the public and make them believe that it is OK to say we are a christian Nation but then show it by going to war, permitting smoking, and doing countless unchristian Things and then come December 25th We make it up to god by eating Turkey in his name and making people think that religion is all just for the sake of money making.
what is going on down here is like what was going on at a charity shop I used to volunteer for.
on the surface it appeared to look as if everything was normal and good etc but that was just a front and an illusion because the reality was that there was immense corruption going on and honesty was just a name and the people coming in to volunteer each day were using that as a means of getting what they wanted which they were not entitled to.
in a like manner the governments of this country are also extremely corrupt and running a corrupt system.
but the day must come when they are finally called to account for what they have done and allow to be done in the name of so called democracy.
I hope I will live to see that day.