Saturday, 2 November 2013

'Let us breathe!' Kids plea at Harlesden Incinerator protest

Between 250 and 300 residents and their supporters from the Labour and Green parties massed on the narrow Channel Gate Road, which is flanked by streets of terraced railway cottages, near Willesden Junction this morning to greet councillors on the Ealing Council planning committee.

As we stood there heavy trucks trundled by at regular intervals, sometimes 2 or 3 nose to tail, making the crowd wonder just what kind of hell they will face in the future if the new plant is built in addition to the Powerday facility which already causes them much suffering.

Their message was clear - we want clean air to breathe and safe and pollution free streets for our children. The protesters were able to put their case to the councillors and will be attending the Planning Committee at Ealing Town Hall on Wednesday November 6th, assembling outside from 6.30pm. The application will be first on the agenda at 7pm.

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