Monday, 25 November 2013

Developer submits new Queensbury pub plans

Fairview Homes have submitted their new plans to demolish The Queensbury. See them HERE

The proposals still involve a tower block but also include a space for a  drinking establishment (A4 in planning jargon) on the ground floor.

The Save The Queensbury Campaign is meeting next Wednesday, 4 December at 7.30pm at the pub to discuss a response. All welcome.


Anonymous said...

Panic over, then, if they're going to include an 'A4 drinking establishment' in the development. They're one of the joys of London living and unique to this country. First thing you ever hear foreigners say if you ask what they like most about living in the UK?: 'We just love your A4 drinking establishments. There's just nothing like them back home'. Well done, Fairview Homes, you've got your finger on the pulse of the community and the nation!

Trevor said...

Tower Block?
More Likely to be a Haven of Torment...Unless someone can Honestly say that Living in a Tower Block in Brent is actually a good Experience?
Its similar to the pavements in this borough they have become the new Dustbins and ashtrays.
Oh and the bushes have also become the new Dustbins.
And Bins are left overflowing with rubbish for weeks on end before finally being collected.
And street drains are left blocked solid with dust and leaves.
And all this is happening under the coalition government and the council.
and they have the nerve to actually expect us to give them what they want which is a vote so that they can remain in control of this Haven of neglect, exploitation, abuse and manipulation and Torment.
While we have to pay council Tax every Month and yet the streets remain dirty.
Mr Pavey please Don't expect anything from Me.