Thursday 1 December 2016

Cllr Butt takes over Cllr Mitchell Murray's lead member role for time being

Following rumours circulating in the Brent Civic Centre 'village' about the Cabinet role of Cllr Wilhelmina Mitchell Murray, lead member for children and young people, a Brent Council spokesperson said:
"Cllr Wilhelmina Mitchell Murray has informed us that sheis currently unwell and hopes to return in January. Cllr Butt is currently carrying out her statutory duties."
Cllr Mitchell Murray is one of the three Wembley Central councillors. The others are Cllr Krupa Sheth and Cllr Sam Stopp.


Anonymous said...

Nice Lady, though doesn't listen much. Get well soon.

Anonymous said...

Official statement that she is 'unwell, bla bla bla' is reminiscent to me of totalitarian government spin.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon Wilhemina. The frey needs you.