Thursday 29 December 2016

Dicing with death to recycle in Brent

Dangerous bend
Bend on exiting
I took some small redundant electrical items to the Brent Re-use and Recycling Centre this morning, the sort of job you can catch up on in the dead days between Christmas and the New Year. Such items cannot be put in the blue bins or general waste.

Little did I realise that by doing so I was taking my life in my hands. The entrance to the depot is along along a bendy road with no footway for 200 yards.  The road is used by large trucks and vans as well as cars, and pedestrians are at risk, particularly on an icy morning as it was today.

If West London Waste Authority and Brent Council are serious about encouraging recycling then a safe pedestrian entrance for residents arriving by public transport is surely essential.  The Centre is easily accessible from Stonebridge Park station or the 112 bus.

As I left the entrance road, a couple with several bags of recycling arrived, hesitated, and then decided not to risk the trip to the Centre.

I wonder how many others have done that?

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A committed Brent Recycler said...

Yes. I also had this experience when I went on foot to try to recycle some items. I was even told you're not supposed to come her on foot as I carefully picked my way along the road. I have never got a response as to why then they cannot provide a skip at the entrance (or better still a number of "skiplets" for the different types of recyclable materials )here for people who do not have access to a motor vehicle. Perhaps we will have to kick up more fuss!!;!