Thursday 1 December 2016

Cllr Miller meets with Borough Commander on alleged Islamophobic attack

Cllr Tom Miller, Brent's lead cabinet member for Stronger Communities has released the following statement on the alleged Islamophobic attack reported in the Kilburn Times:

I recently received an allegation about some racially/religiously aggravated criminal damage to a car. There was a further complaint that police were not taking the initial complaint about this matter with seriousness. I can't give full details of the complainant or the investigation taking place, but I would point out that victims of crime deserve to be listened to and this is no exception.

I take these matters very seriously indeed. As well as making clear that we will not tolerate criminal damage, I also want to emphasise that we take racist elements to crimes very seriously and it is important that action is taken. My immediate response has been to raise the incident with the Borough Commander, who assures me that an investigation into the incident is ongoing, and that the victim will be informed of how it progresses. I will continue to monitor this situation with the police as this goes forward.

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