Sunday 11 December 2016

Greens 'betrayed and angry' over conduct of defector to the Tories

Cllr Dearnley

This is the public statement made after the defection of a Green councillor to the Conservatives. Amongst other things he claimed that the Green Party had become 'too leftwing' and disagreed with the party's position on the EU Referendum..
Norwich Green Party and the Norfolk County Council Green group condemn Councillor Adrian Dearnley’s decision to defect to the Conservative Party, and in particular his decision to announce this through the press without informing us.

We were aware that Councillor Dearnley had some growing differences of opinion with the Green Party, notably on the EU referendum. If he feels that he can no longer be a member of the party, then that is a decision for him.

However, we are shocked that Councillor Dearnley would choose to throw in his lot with the Conservative Party, which over the last six years has overseen the systematic destruction of local government and the welfare system, left British people poorer and more divided, and shown total disregard for our environment and the urgent need to tackle climate change. Locally, too, the Conservatives are the party of environmental destruction, pushing for the King’s Lynn incinerator and ill-thought-out road schemes like the NDR, which the Greens have fought so hard to oppose.

Most of all, we are appalled by the lack of respect shown by Councillor Dearnley both to Thorpe Hamlet residents, who elected a Green councillor to serve them, and to his former colleagues in the Green Party, who feel betrayed and angry that he saw fit to make this decision behind their backs.

Your Green councillors will continue to work hard to represent you, to challenge the Conservative administration at County Hall and to speak up for the environment and for those hit by cuts. We stand in solidarity with the residents of Thorpe Hamlet in the face of this betrayal. The work of Councillors Lesley Grahame, Ben Price and Jo Henderson in their ward will continue to show them the real face of Green councillors – hardworking, concerned for people and planet, and committed to giving residents a voice.

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Anonymous said...

There are many ways we can be confused and conflicted in this world. In a society showing increasing understanding of LBGT issues and, in particular, an appreciation of the prejudice and intolerance shown towards those who don't fit in with society's expectations of clearly defined binary roles, we should all be able to find in our hearts a little time and empathy for a man who was trapped in the body of a Green but who knew that to be true to his essential being he had, at no matter what cost to his family and to his public standing, to declare to the world 'This is what I truly am. No more pretence. I am a Tory!'.

Mike Hine