Wednesday 14 December 2016

Sharp surprise in store for bottoms relaxing on a Wembley street

Fed up with people sitting on their boundary wall and dropping litter into the grounds, landlords of Kings Court, Kings Drive, Wembley have turned to nature for a remedy.

Planting of pyracantha shrubs all along the low street wall has now been completed. Pyracantha is known for its sharp thorns so once the shrubs have grown a little more anyone sitting on the wall will get a sharp jab up the backside.

Meanwhile just around the corner, the Winston Churchill Lycee, occupying the old Brent Town Hall, has planted the more benign English privet along its boundary wall with Forty Lane.


Philip Grant said...

We used to have a small pyracantha tree in our garden. It was really beautiful, especially when covered in berries.
However, the thorns were "deadly" and I eventually dug it out when it spread too far over our path, to save members of our family from more painful collisions with it.

An excellent choice for a boundary hedge. Wall-sitters may wish to petition the Council to install a public seat on the hilly section of Kings Drive. They should have plenty of S.106 funds from all the development in Wembley Park to be able to pay for it.


Martin Francis said...

My reservation would be that small children play on these lawns during summer months and they could get quite badly scratched retrieving balls from the pyracantha hedge. Incidently I have seen hedgehogs on these lawns.

Alison Hopkins said...

I can understand the annoyance with litter, but sitting on walls? Really? Are we so into having everything utterly pristine without the irritation of the hoi polloi?

Mind you, if there's hedgehogs I may have to kidnap them.

Philip Bromberg said...

Hedgehogs? I haven't seen one of them in this millennium - could you point some of them in my direction? It does seem a pity if the Lycee is planning to hide what was once a very attractive garden with a privet hedge, but it couldn't look much worse than it does at the moment.