Tuesday 20 December 2016

Shama Tatler appointed to Brent Cabinet Regeneration post

Rather oddly the above popped up on the Brent Council website before any public announcement.

Cllr Tatler replaces Cllr Roxanne Mashari in what many see as potentially the most powerful Cabinet post given the multi-million development projects in Wembley and Kilburn.

Tatler's back ground is in education and this is the area that brings her most passionate contributions to Council meetings.  Previously she has been tipped for the children and families portfolio.  The present children and families post-holder is Cllr Wilhelmina Mitchell Murry who is currently relieved of the post. Council leader Muhammed Butt is currently managing the statutory element of the position.

A well-placed source suggested that two other councillors were offered the post, but turned it down, before Cllr Tatler accepted it.

Observers are puzzled that the 'hugely experienced' Aslam Choudry has been over-looked while others thought that Cllr Sabina Khan's business background made her a contender for the employment and skills aspects of the Regeneration portfolio.


Anonymous said...

Lol, another PR fail from the ever-incompetent Brent! Tatler is perfect appointment for Butt: nice but naive and easily manipulated

Anonymous said...

Just like Tom Millers appointment Shama Tatler is someone who is acceptable to most of the Labour Group. If Sabina Khan or Aslam Choudhury had been appointed there would probably have been a rebellion to demand an election.

Anonymous said...

Aslam Choudhary..... .LOL
Shama is a decent person, its good to have at least one on the cabinet.

Anonymous said...

Call me old fashioned, but isn't the traditional way to find some "acceptable to most of the Labour Group" to hold an election??? I understand that Tatler stood in the Cabinet elections just six months ago - and polled very badly

Confuse of Kilburn said...

I really hope "acceptable to most of the Labour Group" isn't shorthand for yes person to the Leader.... South Kilburn needs someone who knows how to listen, and how to advocate for the community

Anonymous said...

No. "Acceptable to most of the Labour group" refers to someone who is not seen as a total yes (wo)man and would appease the considerable (and growing) anti-Butt faction