Friday 30 December 2016

Where to recycle your Christmas tree in Brent


Following the introduction of the 'garden tax' payment for green  waste collections there was a substantial problem of dumped Christmas trees last year on the pavement and in flower beds and shrubberies around Brent. Some hung around through the summer into autumn.

Brent Council has warned that trees dumped in this way count as fly-tipping. This is their guidance:

Christmas tree recycling

Getting rid of your real Christmas tree after the festive season has ended for another year can be a headache for some, but there are a number of ways that it can be done.

How to recycle your tree

There are three ways you can recycle your Christmas tree this winter.

Option 1

You can take it down to the Reuse and Recycling Centre in Abbey Road. Please note this will be closed on  1 January 2017.

Option 2

If you're signed up to the garden waste service you can cut your tree into pieces and place these in your green bin and we'll take it in the January collection of the garden waste service.

Option 3

You can also take your Christmas tree to a drop off point in a local park or green space in January.  Look out for this poster  to direct you to the drop off point.

Christmas Tree poster

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Anonymous said...

Where to put your Christmas tree when you've finished with it? Simply write 'Photo Opportunity' on a piece of paper, throw it on the ground in front of The Leader and when he bends down to seize it, recycle your tree appropriately.