Wednesday 22 March 2017

UPDATED A new face selected for Kilburn ward and the possible return of an old one in Willesden Green - Margaret McLennan rejected

Faduma Hassan
The first results are coming in for the selection of Labour candidates for the 2018 Brent Council Elections.  In Kilburn ward Rita Conneely and newcomers Abdirazak Abdi  and Corbyn supporter Faduma Hassan have been selected.

This leaves John Duffy, who has been extremely active in holding the Brent Cabinet to account, unselected in his current ward. I understand there are still some wards where short-listing is still open.

Elsewhere,  I understand that the architect of the 'Library Transformation Project, which saw 6  of Brent's 12 libraries closed, James Powney, has been short-listed for Willesden Green.  Powney has continued to hail the 'success' of that project on his blog but  has also used it to critique some Brent Council decisions as well as the leadership of Councillor Butt. LINK

Following rejection by Stonebridge ward last night local party members are asking if Deputy Leader Margaret McLennan will go back to seek selection in Northwick Park.  I understand Abdi Aden (currently Sudbury)and newcomer Promise Knight have been selected for Stonebridge. Ernest Ezeajughi has been reselected. Promise describes herself as a mentor and educator and previously worked as as campaign assistant to Dawn Butler and was one of David Miliband's communication team.

A reader has also been in touch to say that he understands all three sitting Queensbury councillors have been short-listed..


Scott said...

Poor Queensbury, that ward is one of the most neglected by the council given its position on the Barnet Borders. Speaking to people across that whole ward they were utterly frustrated and exasperated with their neglect. They deserve better than people who quietly vote to retain the status quo. Let's hope they vote for the alternatives.

Anonymous said...

Faduma Hassan is a teacher and Labour activist from Brent, and a Momentum National Committee member. Source

Anonymous said...

Kilburn will be a sad place if Duffy is not in the running.
Duffy has always been the voice of reason for the his residents with whom he represents, he has backed numerous other residents of Brent, irrespective of their wards. He has put his head above the parapet when no other's dared he had stood up and been the voice of reason for many residents when their local councillors failed to deliver. Duffy has never failed the electorate, he asks the questions no other cllrs dare to ask, he holds everyone up to scrutiny, I am a big fan, I cannot comtemplate he leaves the Councillor but hey Duffy forget Kilburn, come to Wembley Central we so need you.


Anonymous said...

Duffy is more Green than Labour & should have been purged with the other people who joined Labour that don't support Labour values.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, can't beat a good purge of dissidents and the independent-minded, can you? I don't know about Green but he was certainly a lot less Yellow than some of the gutless so-called Labour councillors.
And perhaps you could elaborate on 'Labour values': conformity, toeing the line, blind acceptance of the Leader's Will? Sounds more like some other kind of values to me.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Margaret, there's no room at the inn back here in Northwick Park Ward. You totally blew your chances when you went under cover for Butt and ignored the views of the Residents. You made out you were presenting our views but all the time you were plotting against our wishes. The last posting talked of purging, well you have been well and truly purged. Stay away or votes will go elsewhere on mass. Get the message now? Get lost.

Anonymous said...

Does Tokyngton ward have the guts to deselect Butt?

Anonymous said...

Wonderful reply from Anon 23 March 2017 at 12:32. We desperately need more people with independent views instead of the follow my leader sheep in wolves clothing. The latter got us into this mess.

Anonymous said...

What right do people who don't know have to assume that Kilburn have dropped Duffy as a favour to Mo Butt? My informants in Kilburn tell me the move to drop him was not because he is a thorn in the side of the Council - which they welcome - but because it is a solo effort, never together with the other Councillors, labour branch or community organisations. Kilburn members say they want troublemakers - see Barbara Pitrazelli's vote at planning committee. But they need to be team players, not prima donnas.

Scott said...

Beggars belief that instead of wishing to keep what appears to be the only member of the Labour Party in Brent who has an understanding that public money is not to be wasted - especially given how Labour MPs voted with Conservative MPs for cuts to local authorities budgets - so money is tight - they wish to push him out the door.


I sometimes wonder if Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro would be more effective at managing Brent than this lot. Roll on #Brent2018.

Anonymous said...

It would be wonderful to see this happen.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should read the previous comment, Scott.

Unknown said...

Its always hard to get a view from someone called anonymous, however the local Labour party spokesperson ,who I believe is a leading member of momentum and not a party spokesperson.

I have the right to put the record straight .I will continue to fight people who blacklist others as I have done all my working life. As I have mentioned in the 80's I was blacklisted by the Freedom Society which was a right wing fascist group who believed in the power of a group or authority, to compile a blacklist of people, of countries or other entities to be avoided or distrusted as not being acceptable, clearly momentum have adopted these tactics.

The idea that I am a prima donna is laughable, i just won't go to Momentum rallies, where they listen to their own echo , if I had and wore a Corbyn T -shirt I would have been ok.I chose instead to work for the residents of Kilburn.

To end a small joke .

I say, I say , I say " What have Momentum and Donald Trump got in common "

Answer "Blacklisting "

Unknown said...

Recent Labour selections for those that are interested

Wills Green
-Tom Miller
-Lesley Jones
-Fleur Donnelly-Jackson

-Mary Daly
-Aisha Hoda-Benn
-Saqib Butt

-Lloyd McLeish
-Mili Patel
-Joshua Mitchell-Murray

-Dan Kennelly
-Ihtesham Afzal
-Anita Thakkar

Dudden Hill
-same 3 councillors as before

Dollis Hill
-same 3 councillors as before (I think)