Wednesday 15 March 2017

Barry Gardiner MP to meet with residents on Wembley Stadium controversy - Saturday

Barry Gardiner MP (Brent North) has arranged to meeting with residents concerned about the potential impact of the proposal to increase the number of full capacity events at Wembley Stadium. The application goes to Planning Committee on Thursday March 23rd.

The meeting will take place at St Cuthbert's Church 214 Carlton Ave West Wembley HA0 3QY on Saturday at 10.30am.

Capacity is limited (unlike the Stadium) to the first 30 residents or representatives to respond by emailing this blog with name/s at (I will pass on to the organiser) or commenting on the NextDoor website LINK 

182 bus stops nearby


Anonymous said...

'182 bus stops nearby'. Now that really would be a service

Wembley Champions said...

We have 10 representatives so only 20 spaces left

Unknown said...

Can I attend please?

Martin Francis said...

Yes, I will include your name,

Wembley Champions said...

Please email us Fatema. We have a typo in our record of your contact details.