Saturday 18 March 2017

More residents associations oppose Spur's Wembley Stadium application

Wembley Park Residents' Association is oppposing the Spur's planning application to increase the number of full capacity events at Wembley Stadium. This is noteworthy as it covers many residents of flats recently built in the Quintain regeneration areas around the stadium.

Residents in Kings Drive, Wembley (next to the old Brent Town Hall) have added their voice to the objections:

Objection on behalf of Kings and Carmel Courts Residents' Association (170 Flats on Kings Drive Wembley)

Kings and Carmel Courts Resents' Association object to the planning application 17/0368 on the following grounds:

1) Parking: Kings Drive is in the Event Day Parking Zone and whilst the permits required to park in the road limit the cars parked on event days it is becoming apparent that more cars have permits during recent events. The number of cars parking is steadily increasing and the application does not address this important issue which impacts on the daily lives of those living on Kings Drive. Consideration should be given to permits having an expiry date and residents having to reapply to ensure that those parking are doing so on a valid permit. The cost of this must not be passed on to the local residents and should be borne by the Stadium or Council.

Kings Drive is already used for daily commuter parking, the new local schools and ASDA shoppers which impacts heavily on residents who wish to park close to their home. Event Day parking used to weed out these users allowing residents to park easily but this is no longer the case.

2) Anti-social behaviour: Kings and Carmel Courts have extensive gardens adjoining the corner of Forty Lane with Kings Drive. Fans use these private grounds to throw litter, picnic, drink and urinate in. This is unacceptable behaviour and furthermore the Leaseholders of Kings and Carmel Court then have to pay for the clean-up operation after event days. This is particularly bad when rival teams are playing against each other and customers from the Torch and local supermarkets selling alcoholic drinks sit along the walls and grass banks on Kings Court.

The planning application does nothing to address the disruption to local people yet it seeks to impose further disturbance and expense to residents.

Residents need to be protected from the invasion of drunk fans who have little care for other peoples' property and the Stadium/Council need to take responsibility protecting private property from trespassers and cover the cost of all associated cleaning.

Please note that Kings and Carmel Courts Residents' Association is known to Brent Council however it was not consulted on this proposal.

We are happy to meet with the Council or Stadium to suggest ways in which Event Days can be managed in an acceptable way to the residents of Kings and Carmel Courts.

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