Monday 13 March 2017

Appeal to help save the Corrib

Outside the Corrib, 76-78 Salusbury Road, Queens Parkm NW6 6PA

From Friends of the Corrib

Now the Planning application is published, it’s a clear plan to KILL the CORRIB.

We urge you ALL to do one more thing to help Save the Corrib.

Please object to Brent Council Planning

EACH objection increases the chances of keeping the Corrib Community Rooms and Pub forever.

Tell the planners what the community rooms and pub mean to you and what you used it for especially the Function Rooms which had all the dance classes, pensioner meetings and other events and/or just give your views as why it should not be turned into luxury flats - as we should not lose community spaces.

You can just object to the principal of the destruction of community space, especially this one, protected by a 106 agreement protecting money originally spent by Brent when it started for the community. The more you tell them the more weight it will have.

How to object.

You can email the planning officer directly at:

To be accepted by planning you do need to include your name and address in the email.
It does not matter if you are not local – you just need to feel it’s important

Please copy in so we can ensure that Brent note all the letters received.

OR (the most sure way)

Go on the Brent Website, register and then object on line.
Paste below into your search engine to register.

Then paste in the site below

Click on Make a Comment and add your concerns

Tell them things you could do and events that this place had and the value of the function rooms both in the past and into a promising future

Summary of the Developers plan.

To turn the community rooms on the first floor, into 6 luxury flats and make a £4M profit.
As a sop they have offered a function room in the pub, which will allow some community use for 3 evenings a week, making for a much reduced and commercially dead pub. Of course if the pub fails, more flats.

This planning application means the loss of 530m2 of community space, space that was originally brought with public money and is now protected by both an ACV order and by a Section 106 covenant. The 106 is a council owned legal restriction that prevents the owner building flats on the first floor. We urge Brent NOT to break this 106 covenant but to honour and cherish it.

To read the planning application in full, go to:

The documents should read are:
1) 170116 - planning statement v756767850000.pdf
2) Statement of community involvement56767850001.pdf

NB: The Sir Richard Steele in Chalk Farm is a similar pub with function room and Camden and the Planning Inspector both turned down this conversion to flats so we say that Brent should do the same here.

Also ask friends etc. to sign the petition, we are aiming at 2000 signatures.

Thank you for standing with us on this issue. 

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