Friday 3 March 2017

Mass civil disobedience Fossil Fuel Divestment Event and Rally Sat 4th March. Kings College on the Strand 11am

Arrests Fines and Suspensions and now a Hunger Strike at King’s College London – the fossil fuel divestment campaign
The campaign for total divestment from Fossil Fuels Heats Up. We urgently need your support!

Mass civil disobedience Event and Rally Sat 4th March. Kings College on the Strand 11am.

From King's College Climate Emergency

In developments not seen for decades King’s College London has engaged in a policy chaotic repression in the face of peaceful civil disobedience by students and alumni demanding total divestment from fossil fuels. Campaign group King’s College Climate Emergency was set up to make clear we are out of time on climate change. We need total divestment from all oil and gas corporations to have any chance of avoiding catastrophe. We stand in solidarity with the main poor and marginalised communities all over the world being destroyed by this unchecked corporate greed. We are particularly inspired by the amazing struggle at Standing Rock and believe we have to start making similar sacrifices in this country to make the progress we all want to see.

96% of students in a recent survey support total divestment which is also supported by the vast majority of staff. However the college council is dominated by corporate place people – the vice principal Chris Mottershead, for instance. is ex BP executive. This capturing of our public universities by corporate power has to be challenged by direct action. We have not allowed ourselves to be intimidated by arrests, suspensions, fines, and threats of prosecution by top management but instead upped our escalation with a hunger strike by one student and fasts by others. And we plan to have the biggest collective act so far of civil disobedience for divestment – a celebration of life over death - decorating the dull frontage of Kings with flowers, balloons, statements, teddy bears, and colourful poster paints at 11am Saturday 4th March.

If you could come to the event yourself that would be great (it is an hour before the NHS demo which starts only 15 minutes walk away). Or people can email the top guys to tell them to do the right thing:

The Principal Edward Byrne:

The Vice Principal Chris Mottershead:

See our latest video which promotes the 4th March action HERE – please share as widely as you can.

For more details see the FB page: King’s College Climate Emergency.

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