Friday 10 March 2017

Two blocks of flats planned for Wembley Job Centre site

Wednesday's Planning Committee will have a pre-application presentation on a development on Wembley High Road/St Johns Road/Elm Road.

It is on the site of the present Job Centre on St Johns Road with the Boots store front on 500 High Road retained.

The plan would replace the above building with a 10 and 12 storey block .

The site

The following 74 flat residential mix is proposed (remembering that 'affordable' is up to 80% market rent):
Private Market Housing (68% of total):
9x studio

12x 1 bed

19x 2 bed

10x 3 bed

Affordable Housing (32% of total):

8x 1 bed (5x Affordable Rent and 3x Shared Ownership)

8x 2 bed (5x Affordable Rent and 3x Shared Ownership)

8x 3 bed (6x Affordable Rent and 2x Shared Ownership)

Overall Tenure Split on Affordable Housing = 67:33 (Affordable Rent: Shared

The officers' report considers issues such as the height of the proposed building and the quality of the build and recommends revision before it is submitted as a full planning application. LINK


Local resident said...

I don't know whether to laugh hysterically or cry.
Wembley High Road was described 4years ago as "an accident waiting to happen".
All this proposed develop would do is ensure that it does.

Anonymous said...

Who in their right mind dreamed this up, let alone who do they think will purchase a box with no visual aspects of any merit, no parking, a small balcony which when the door is open will only serve to supply an ever ending stream of air pollution in particular carbon dioxide emitted from cars and buses gridlocked on the High Road during peak times. I imagine it will be full of Chinese who are used to these kind of developments, our EU comrades are already leaving in droves because of Brexit. On the plus side it might make a dent in Brent Councils Housing waiting list when they are all given up and leased back to the Council for Social Housing when they can't sell them.

Jaine Lunn said...

I would like to see a radical redevelopment of the High Road, with hop on and off trams going up and down the middle of the High Road and the rest of it pedestrianised, nice hanging baskets and planters more trees etc, along with a Bus Station in what was Station Grove car park, which was given planning permission last April for a 18 storey development which again will have a huge impact on the High Road. It is now virtually impossible to walk on the North side of the High Road during peak times with the bus stops outside Primark and Santander Bank. Ah well I'll keep dreaming

Anonymous said...

Who is the lead member for Housing? Wonder what their vision is for the High rd? What do they seek for Wembley and Brent? What is the driving force behind all this? Is it about £££? Where do the £££ go? What lasting legacy does this lead member and indeed the Council as a whole want for Brent? What is their place shaping vision for Brent? How will all these developments be supported? Will Wembley see some supporting investment in transport infrastructure? Or will all the Housing targets be meet with disregard for those who reside in Wembley? What do you suppose will be the outcome of that? How will voters react?

Meg Howarth said...

Closure of Archway, north London's, job-centre also proposed - as yet, no planning application. Seems the DWP doesn't own any of the land on which its offices are built, so would be interesting to see who does/will benefit financially from the redevelopment of the sites

Wembley res. said...

It will be interesting to see who is trying to pull this one.

A long term resident of Wembley said...

This is a completely ludicrous idea and is yet another attempt by developers whose only idea is to get in on making money out of the name Wembley. It will do nothing for either the area or the people of Wembley.

Anonymous said...

Could well be revolution!!!