Saturday 25 March 2017

What you can do for Clean Air for Brent

From Transition Willesden

Clean Air for Brent is a coalition of local residents' groups, Transition Towns, Friends of the Earth and the Council to improve air quality in the borough.  We met earlier this week, and are keen to involve people in having their say on air quality in Brent and also on diesel vehicles, especially in view of the results from our pollution monitoring in October.

Last October we carried out air pollution monitoring in Willesden, Dollis Hill and Cricklewood, and found 7 out of 10 sites were above the EU legal limit for nitrogen dioxide (NO2), with Cricklewood Broadway being well over twice the limit (see maps here and here).  For more about the project see our online group.

Brent Council
 is consulting residents and businesses on its Air Quality Action Plan for the next 5 years.  You have until Thursday 30th March to add your comments. Please take a little time to read the plan and respond to the survey online here.  You can also email feedback to

If you have less time, please sign one or more of these petitions against diesel.  It is largely the increase in diesel vehicles that is having such an impact on the air we breathe:

-Ditch diesel in the UK by Friends of the Earth
-One directed at car companies from Greenpeace.
-You can also write to MEPs asking them to clean up vehicle testing.  They will be voting on this issue on 5th April.

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bigbreadeaterellis said...

Well, when I make the journey from chalk hill road in the morning to wembley hill road, it is literally impossible to breathe fresh air, because the air is full of the smell of diesel.
And by the time I reach my destination,I actually feel faint because of the effect that breathing in diesel fumes has upon the lungs and the brain.
I have expressed my concerns about this to Brent council but the reply was anything than inspiring.
So for the present it seems that I will have to walk the litter covered pavements of chalk hill road with a handkerchief held over my nose.
And there was I thinking this is 21st century Wembley
where the air is fresh and clean.
But the sad reality is my part of town is anything than fresh and clean.