Monday 6 March 2017

Quintain consult on Fountain Studios/Stadium Retail Park redevelopment

Stadium Retails Park and McDonalds

Fountain Studios
Quintain continues to vacuum up property around Wembley Stadium and is now consulting on what they call the 'Fulton Quarter Master Plan'.   This is the redevelopment of their acquisitions between Olympic Way and Fulton Road covering the Stadium Retail Park, McDonalds and Fountain Studios (excluding the College of North West London).

The site

Quintain state:
Our proposals include transforming the car dominated Stadium Retail Park and Fountain Studios into a pedestrian-friendly mixed use development with new homes, flexible space on the lower floors that could be used for educational, commercial and/or retail  uses and a number of significant public realm improvements.

We are holding a public exhibition to provide you with an opportunity to view our early concepts for this new site and leave your feedback.
The public exhibition will run from 9th to 11th March at Unit 71 (first floor next to Ping Pong) at the London Designer Outlet (LDO), Wembley Park Boulevard HA9 0QL.

Thursday 9th March 4pm-8pm
Friday 10th March 4pm-8pm
Saturday 11th March 12pm-4pm.

More information:
 0800 307 7564


Sandro said...

The word 'vacuum' is perfectly summed up Martin! At this rate if there's 10 feet of spare space anywhere in Wembley it'll be constructed on by some multi million pound property development firm. I've lived in Wembley all my life & whilst some of the regeneration has been good for the area the speed at which buildings/flats (unaffordable ones of course to the average Joe) are being erected in Wembley is truly frightening! The area is beginning to become way too over crowded. In the next 5 years Wembley will be like a tin of sardines where every single inch of space will be taken up & we'll all suffocate next to each other!

Anonymous said...

Great first picture of the 'national stadium', Martin. All it needs is a few redneck Trump supporters and a couple of heavily-armed oxycontin addicts and it could be anywhere in the mid-west.

Mike Hine

Anonymous said...

Imagine a change of central government in the UK and change in local government in LB Brent that would outlaw such waste, while Theresa May might have allowed in some kind of 'corporate lawyers override democratic change disputes settlement'!

Maybe that would create compensation payments for Quintain that would override the costs of Council Tax on empty buildings, etc?

Meanwhile, I recall from campaigners' discussions about a 'Swiss Cottage tower block' planned by 'Essential Living', that someone raised the matter of overloading sewage systems. Camden Council's planning dept bowed to public pressure, barring 'Essential Living' from building the 24-storey block; the Housing Minister overrule democracy.

Now, it appears, that 24-storey block could fall foul of HS2 tunnel work. Any chance of that happening to bring down Quintain's Wembley empire?

Alan Wheatley

Unknown said...

So you'd all rather all the new buildings were knocked down to have a nice country park next to the stadium? It's now really valuable land,so it would be an extravagance to leave it as a car park with a couple of shops there. We've lost the car park by the stadium itself, so it was only a question of time before we lost this one.

Anonymous said...

Well good luck with this one, mass urban development over a very small space, lots of homes crammed into very small space piled on top of one and other. Just goes to show the Projects have come to UK, care of the good ole US of A. Texas Lone Star Investments arrive in the UK. 10 years from now Bent Council will realise the error of their decisions, Planning, Housing, No amenity space, no PARKS, hey go for it. You will reap what you sow. All the problems that US urban developments face is now a reality on our doorsteps coming to a development near you. Wake up people this is happening NOW!!! Use your Vote. They don't care about us.

Anonymous said...

Not exactly giving people lots of chance to look and give their opinions are they (clearly people's opinions are not wanted nor will be considered). Lets hope that there's another unexploded bomb down there which goes off and flattens the whole lot.

Jaine Lunn said...

I will be there to see the latest round of BS Planned. We never got our new Swimming Pool, Skate Park, Park of any merit 6 acres aint a park, its just a little green space and certainly does not meet Natural England parameters. Flexible space on the lower floors? For Educational and Commercial? WTF is that about. No Community Space? What has happened to the Open Theatre Space that was promised? I live in hope.

Anonymous said...

Last minute. Com is Quintains mantra so that we don't have enough time to mobilise our objectors, to defeat the planners who are being backhanded by Brent Council to soften the blow, so they can get whatever they want whilst brown nosing up their butts.

Jaine Lunn said...
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Anonymous said...

I wonder what they are up to. It was only a couple of weeks ago they didn't have planning permission to redevelop the Fountain site and the talks with ATG collapsed due to Quintain being greedy on the lease for a theatre. They were still looking for someone to lease the studios even on the last week I was working there. Maybe some palms have been greased for a turn around on that permission they were refused?